Why Modular School Buildings Offer a Quick Solution for Classroom Expansion

Why Modular School Buildings Offer a Quick Solution for Classroom Expansion

calendar icon September 9, 2019

About a quarter of today’s school buildings are overcrowded. Could modular school buildings hold the answer to this problem?

Modular schools offer an alternative to permanent structures. These semi-portable buildings can help you meet rising enrollment demands quickly, at a low cost. They’re durable, flexible, and affordable to meet the needs of most school districts.

Overcrowded schools make life harder for students and teachers alike. But should you try modular school buildings as a solution? Here are some of the top reasons to try modular schools in your district — and everything else you need to know.

What Are Modular School Buildings?

Modular buildings aren’t built on-site like traditional school buildings. Instead, they’re pre-fabricated in a different location. These buildings meet all the same standard codes and regulations as normal buildings, but are far faster and cheaper to build.

Once they’re complete, modular buildings can look virtually the same as any other building. For example, these buildings can become an essential part of your campus, quickly providing room for many new students.

Why Try a Modular School?

Why choose modular buildings over traditional construction? Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons modular buildings are worth it.

No Disruption to the Class Schedule

Construction on a school property can easily disrupt learning. It might distract students in the classroom, for example. It can even create safety hazards that force you to close school down for a few days.

With modular buildings, all the construction happens elsewhere. The buildings can get put up virtually overnight, with no disruption at all.

Flexible Results

Modular buildings can suit all sorts of different classroom types. In addition to traditional classrooms, they make great science and computer labs.

These buildings can even serve as restrooms, offices, libraries, cafeterias, and more. In short, a modular school building can meet any purpose you need it to.

Environmentally Friendly

If you care about a green school district, modular school buildings are the way to go.

These buildings don’t generate as much waste or pollution as traditional construction does. Construction takes place in a control environment, using sustainable methods. And because those environments are dry, they’re less likely to end up trapping moisture that can lead to toxic mold.

Quick to Build

When you have an overcrowded classroom, you need solutions fast. You may not have time to wait for the slow process of traditional construction.

Modular buildings don’t face the typical weather delays that most construction does. They also can be built while the site is prepared, saving even more time. With modular schools, you can get new buildings in a fraction of the time as traditional construction.

Ready to Give School Modular Buildings a Try?

Don’t let your overcrowded classrooms slow down your students’ learning. Instead, expand your campus with modular school buildings. They’re a fast, affordable, reliable solution for a problem that’s all too common.

Not sure where to buy modular buildings? We’ve got plenty of options, from used to custom designs. Check out our classroom building choices here.

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