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What You Need to Know About the Modular Classroom

Do you find yourself in need of a portable classroom? Or maybe just more classroom space? If so, a modular classroom is the best option for you. It provides you with¬†extensive advantages, whether you’re looking to be stationary or on the move.

Do you still have questions? Read on to learn more about how these mobile classrooms can be best for you!

What Is a Modular Classroom?

If you’re familiar with the traditional, in-building type of classroom, you might be asking “what is a modular classroom”.

Modular classrooms come in two types: portable and permanent.

Portable classrooms, also called temporary classrooms, can be installed in just a few weeks.

Permanent modular classrooms take a bit longer, but it’s still around 50% shorter than building a regular classroom would be. These buildings may also have the capability of holding several classrooms at once.

No matter which type of classroom you choose, they are individual buildings installed outside of a school. Constructed completely in a separate facility, they meet building codes and arrive fully-built.

In addition, they are meant to last; often, they can even be used for decades.

Once they are installed, teachers can use these buildings as classrooms.

Advantages of Modular Classrooms

If you’ve worked in a school before, you probably know the stress of making certain your facility can accommodate its students. After all, crowded areas can pose both distractions and safety hazards for children. This makes it harder to learn.

Modular classrooms provide schools and teachers with the flexibility to accommodate a burgeoning student population. They do so without sacrificing comfort or style, which contributes to better learning.

Because of the speed with which they are set up, modular classrooms are your best bet if you need a solution to your classroom problem now.

In addition, there won’t be any need to close off areas of your school for renovation. Since modular classrooms are placed outside of the school, you won’t have any need to alter any part of your pre-existing building.

Finally, these classrooms are an excellent return on investment. In fact, even the temporary ones last you 20 to 30 years if they are properly maintained!

Purchase or Lease?

If you’re interested in obtaining modular classrooms, you have several payment options.

The first is to purchase the buildings. This is ideal if you need the classroom for a very long time with no fixed end date. If you purchase, you can also add customizations.

Leasing one of these classrooms can be helpful when you only need the building for a short period of time.

Keep in mind that seasons can affect the price of your purchase or lease. If you get a modular classroom during a season in which purchasing is common, you will pay more.

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