What You Need to Know About A Portable Classroom

What You Need to Know About A Portable Classroom

calendar icon January 22, 2020

With class sizes forever on the rise and more and more students added every day, more schools are turning to portable classrooms as a cost-efficient method to add more space for their expanding population. While these temporary expansions might not be the best to look at there are a number of factors that make them a great option for our schools and students.

Here is everything you need to know about portable classrooms and what they mean to the schools in your neighborhood.

Portable Classrooms Offer More Space With Less Construction Interruption

The process of building portable classrooms leads to less student interruption while in class. The majority of the units are built off-site and then the finished buildings are brought onto campus and assembled.

This means that new classrooms can be ready with only a couple of days of construction confusion rather than the weeks of building onto the actual structures of the school.

Modular Portable Buildings are Stronger Than You Think

Since these buildings are designed to be transported they have to be built to withstand the rocking and rolling of the road. This means they are stronger than some traditionally constructed buildings.

That strength means they are able to last as long as you need them.

These Are Not the Portables of the Past

Advances in building, have allowed portable classrooms to look practically identical to the permanent structures of the school.

These buildings no longer look like eyesores kept in the back but, rather, welcome expansions to the school itself. The newest designs are able to be a permanent fixture of the school instead of an uncomfortable temporary fix.

The Brilliance Lies In Their Flexibility

These modular buildings offer a huge luxury in the flexibility of their design. They are ideal for space management because they are built to fit into any space you have.

If you need them to be larger you can always expand without huge construction costs since they are built to be customized. You have the ability to rearrange the interior rooms to allow for re-purposing as well.

Since the dividing walls are movable the sky is the limit when it comes to configurations.

Customizations Allow for Adaptability and a Conducive Learning Environment

Since each modular building is built to your exact specifications we can customize them to fit the actual needs of the school. If your intention is to use the space as a science lab we can include additional ventilation and larger floor space to fit big worktables.

Need a chorus room? We can pad the walls for acoustics and customize it for music production.

Temporary, Permanent, Movable, Portables Have You Covered

The new portables can fulfill any needs you have. Whether you need them for one year while the rest of the school construction is finished or you need permanent structures that are more affordable added onto the school, portables get the job done.

The temporary portables are still super sturdy and can be portable anywhere on campus as the other projects continue. You’ll never lose space or leave the kids without a classroom hub in the interim.

Safety, Codes, and Regulations

Even though most portables are not meant to be permanent structures they still need to adhere to building codes.

The construction of portable classrooms undergoes the same scrutiny and inspections by the city as traditional construction. So, you aren’t sacrificing safety or durability by opting for a portable classroom.

Every square inch is going to be as safe and up to code as the buildings of the main school.

The ABS Difference

When you work with Alternative Building Solutions you are getting a top of the line portable classroom with plenty of benefits.

We are able to design a one of a kind floor plan to meet the specific needs of your school. We offer specialty designs like those mentioned above. Some of the specialty buildings available are:

  • Modern science labs
  • Modern kindergarten classrooms with designated sensory play stations
  • Modular daycare facilities for older students in high school or colleges

We provide free custom modular floor plan designs upon meeting with you to discuss your current and future classroom building and school portable needs. You’re able to choose from existing floor plans or custom design your very own.

Alternative Building Solutions also offers used buildings to make sure we can fit into any budget. Our goal is getting the right modular building for your school quickly, done right the first time and within budget.

Let Alternative Building Solutions Make Your Campus Shine

We want to make sure every school has all the space they need to make the learning experience fantastic for their students. Everyone should have space to breathe and learn without feeling trapped in an overburdened classroom.

Our modular portable classrooms offer an affordable alternative to solving your space needs.

We will keep you in the loop during every phase of the project so you will know what’s happening with your buildings. We are happy to work with your project team in-house to get the exact job you want to be done right the first time without having to make corrections.

Are you ready to expand your campus with a custom portable classroom buildout by Alternative Building Solutions?

Contact us today for a quote and a meeting to discuss how we can help you make your campus the best it can be with space you already have available!

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