What Is Modular Building Construction? 3 Surprising Benefits for Your Church

What Is Modular Building Construction? 3 Surprising Benefits for Your Church

calendar icon January 15, 2020

Even though 70% of Americans consider themselves Christians, declining church memberships are a problem across the country.

The fewer members a church has, the fewer donations it gets. That means tighter budgets and more difficulty paying for church building maintenance.

Luckily, modular building construction can be a cost-saving solution. Keep reading to learn about modular building construction and how it can help your church.

How Does Modular Building Construction Work?

Modular buildings are a unique type of construction where most of the building process happens inside a factory. Skilled workers build the unit in sections or modules. They build the walls, install the windows, and even handle the wiring.

Then, it’s delivered to the construction site in pieces. A construction crew will assemble the unit and secure it on a permanent or temporary foundation. Tradesmen will hook up the utilities like electricity, water, and sewer.

In traditional construction, builders create the structure piece-by-piece from the ground up. The entire process happens on-site.

1. Modular Construction Won’t Disrupt Your Church Activities

Whether you’re establishing a brand new church or building an addition, modular construction methods are the least disruptive option. Between 70 to 90% of the building process happens at an off-site factory.

Normal construction is messy, loud, and inconvenient. It can also take up to a year to finish. Plus, you might have to listen to a circular saw during Bible study.

If you go with the modular option, on-site construction can be finished in as little as a few weeks. Since the bulk of the building is done before it arrives at the site, the final installation won’t be as noisy.

2. It Will Preserve More of Your Church Budget

Because churches are public charities, they’re typically exempt from paying taxes. While this exemption takes a weight off the budget, churches are still donation-based. Each dollar is precious.

Compared to traditional buildings, modular structures cost a fraction of the price. The manufacturers get discounts on building supplies thanks to their bulk product orders, which cuts the price down. There are also several financing options including straight sale based on a fixed amount or a finance lease.

If you choose modular, you’ll get the most value for your money. The earnings from your bake sales and bazaars won’t be going to waste.

3. It Can Match the Design of Your Church

Around the globe, churches and religious buildings are famous for their stunning architecture. Churches often have ornate stained glass windows and breathtaking vaulted ceilings. But, an unattractive addition can distract from your church’s beauty.

Luckily, with modular construction you can design a custom floor plan. You’ll be able to choose the right look and layout for your new building. You can create a design that matches the needs of your church and still looks beautiful.

Start Your Church’s Construction Project Today

Modular building construction is an affordable and convenient way to expand or update your church. Plus, at Alternative Building Services we offer custom designs.

To get a quote for your church expansion idea, reach out to us today. We’d be glad to help your church space become more functional for your congregation.

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