What Businesses are Commercial Modular Buildings a Good Fit For?

What Businesses are Commercial Modular Buildings a Good Fit For?

calendar icon March 30, 2022

Commercial modular buildings are great for schools, commercial spaces, and churches. Portable buildings make a great fit because they go up fast and come with everything installed.

With supply-chain issues and labor shortages, why risk building delays? Get your modular buildings on your property and get your project moving.

Here are the businesses that are a great fit for commercial modular buildings.

Commercial Modular Buildings and Schools

Some states, such as Florida, continue to grow in population. With population growth, you need more modular buildings space for kids to go to school.

School portables are a fantastic solution to add space to your growing school system quickly. Modular building advantages include using them for classrooms, recreation rooms, or even cafeteria space. Versatility is a big modular building benefit.

Portable buildings for schools are great because they are interchangeable. As the school changes and grows, you can reinvent the space.

Since school systems own the property where you’ll put the modular buildings, installation is a breeze.

Commercial Space

Modular buildings are great for commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, and retail locations. Modular building advantages for these uses include a quick start-up.

With the advent of Covid-19, many hospitals and health care centers quickly started operations on the exterior. They set up clinics and testing sites in portable buildings to take care of patients not to overwhelm the hospital system. This is a great example of using commercial modular buildings.

Using these types of buildings for restaurants works great as well. You can allow for minimal inside seating while making outside seating available for customers.

Retail space is often a problem because of location. Many businesses don’t want to get stuck in a strip mall with no foot traffic. Modular building benefits include putting the space where you see fit.

It’s best to check with your local zoning office to see if you can install the building on the property.


You might think of a church that needs just a worship space.

However, churches serve the community in many ways. Many churches serve meals and offer shelter space. Some churches even educate children and adults with classes and lectures.

Modular building advantages include allowing for multi-purpose space for churches. You can use the modular building in various ways to suit your needs and carry out your mission.

Unlike other commercial (or office) spaces, many churches must raise the money on their own to build a facility. You can costs drastically by using modular buildings to serve the needs of your church.

Businesses Using Commercial Modular Buildings

Commercial modular buildings are popular with schools and as commercial spaces. Many churches are also choosing portable buildings to serve their congregation. After examining the cost of building a new structure, many realize this is the way to go.

Consider the many benefits of installing modular buildings. Contact us today to help you design and plan modular buildings for your next project! Installation is quick and easy!

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