Ways to Support Your Growing Church

Ways to Support Your Growing Church

calendar icon July 19, 2018

If you own or manage a church, one of the most stressful aspects can be ensuring its success. However, building popularity and gaining a following is the hard part, and maintaining it is the easy part. Continue reading to learn the ways to support your growing church.

If your church has already begun to take off and garner local support, here are three vital things you can do to guarantee the continuance of that success.

Ways to Support Your Growing Church

  • Install portable storage buildings

Increased traffic means you’re going to need more space. Considered one of the best problems to have, running out of room requires immediate action to ensure people don’t leave because they’re uncomfortable. Luckily, modular buildings exist to provide nearly instant help for your size problem. Whether you need portable storage buildings simply to store extra items and supplies or are looking for cheap portable buildings to house your congregation, modular construction can be performed in as little as one to two weeks. Portable storage buildings in particular are crucial to make sure your devoted crowd has everything they need without the risk of it incurring damage; more furniture is needed when numbers increase, and nobody’s going to want to sit on a soggy bench!

  • Try to interact with every new member

Retention can be difficult sometimes, but you should be confident in your own abilities; your skill and devotion got them in the door, and your personality and dedication to their faith is going to keep them inside. Although you probably already do this one, making every new member feel welcome and listened to is an essential part of keeping them interested and satisfied. With a genuine attitude and an open ear and heart, you’ll be packing them in day after day.

  • Fundraise!

A booming church needs a budget to keep up with its numbers; from individual supplies to seating, you’re going to need to account for the influx of members. By being diligent and present in your congregation’s lives, you can discover new and creative ways to make your church money. Host a bake sale with your members or hold a charity auction; both will make your members feel like they’re performing a service and helping out, and will support your budding church.

Keep up with your flourishing flock as your church takes off; utilize this list and your growing church will keep on growing!

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