Using School Portables as Classrooms

Using School Portables as Classrooms

calendar icon January 15, 2022

In many schools, class sizes remain on the rise. More and more students enter school each year, causing schools tremendous strain as they try to squeeze them all into their building.

Some schools try to add on, but new construction can take far too long. By the time they complete the add-on, it’s time to expand the school yet again. 

Many schools are turning to school portables to expand their grounds and solve these problems. These modular buildings have several benefits that make them perfect for schools. They’re also faster and cheaper to build than traditional construction structures. 

You may wonder if portable buildings are suitable for a classroom. If so, keep reading! We’ll explore the benefits of school portables in the guide below.

School Portables are Versatile

In the era of COVID, school boards have changed their policies by the hour. Sometimes, they allow students to come to school in rotation. Other times, boards mandate that schools enforce social distancing policies that may not work well with a school building’s structure.

Fortunately, school portables provide solutions to these problems. Schools can add more portable buildings and keep fewer children in each classroom, thereby keeping social distance. They can also dispense with unnecessary modular buildings when things return to normal.

Incorporating Bathrooms in Commercial Modular Buildings

You may think that having classes in portable buildings can be inconvenient for bathroom breaks. After all, small children have a hard time controlling themselves and often need to run to the restroom.

Portable buildings can handle this issue. Companies can outfit these trailers with standard restrooms for the class to use. They can even incorporate handicapped-accessible bathrooms for students with disabilities. 

Room for Comfort and Efficiency

Students and teachers alike spend a lot of time in classrooms. What’s the sense of making them drab and uncomfortable? 

School portables don’t have to be uncomfortable. You can install carpeted flooring that’s perfect for children performing activities. Or, you can install vinyl composition tile for a smoother, more relaxed look.

Of course, a classroom is incomplete without desks and chairs. Portable buildings provide plenty of space for these in any arrangements you prefer. 

Each portable building also has HVAC systems for complete climate control capabilities in the classroom. This way, students don’t have to freeze or burn up in the different seasons. 

Teachers may also need specialized equipment for their teaching. If so, there’s room for that, too! School portables can host A/V equipment to help teachers lecture and students present projects.

Lastly, you can incorporate full data connectivity in a portable classroom. This way, teachers and students have access to the Internet for their schoolwork. 

Find the Best Modular Buildings for Your Schooling Needs!

School portables provide schools with solutions to several problems they face each year. If you think trailers can benefit your school, find a modular company that offers quality trailers today. 

If you live in the Tampa, FL area, contact us with your modular needs! We offer several modular-related services to the community.

Our buildings have helped churches, businesses, and schools meet their specific needs. Check out our portable classrooms today!

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