Tips for Student Ready Modular Classroom

Tips for Student Ready Modular Classroom

calendar icon September 18, 2018

It’s officially back to school season, and finished portable buildings are continuing to grow in popularity as an affordable and fast way to accommodate for a growing student body in any educational setting. Continue reading to learn the many tips for student ready modular classroom. 

In fact, the overwhelming reason to use portable classrooms was speed of delivery (35%). Then it is followed by shifting enrollments (26%) and the relatively inexpensive nature of the classrooms (25%). If you’ve recently invested in school portables, setting them up for student success is the next big step. Here are just a few tips to make sure your modular classrooms are arranged with student success in mind.

Tips for Student Ready Modular Classroom:

  • Consider ‘Zones’

One great method of bringing your modular classroom is by creating ‘zones’ meant for different activities throughout the day. Of course, this does depend on the age of students you’ll be teaching. But Scholastic has the perfect example:

“Many teachers prefer to create different areas within the classroom. For example, a classroom might feature a quiet reading area, a music area or a discussion center. Ina addition, it might feature a large table for cooperative projects, multimedia spaces, learning centers or stations, and individual work areas,” writes Linda Shalaway.

  • Bring the Outdoors In

The initial cost of a portable classroom was found to be between 36% and 77% of the cost of a site-built classroom addition. If you have the budget, consider buying some potted plants to decorate your classroom. This provides a unique and natural aesthetic that can cleanse the air and improve the overall atmosphere. 

  • Decorate the Walls

As the school year goes on, display students’ exemplary work on the walls. Anything creative or artistic is ideal, but since students are motivated through positive reinforcement, they’ll be inspired to continue to work hard all year long.

Ultimately, nearly 40% of the contractors surveyed said that prefab and modular construction is a growing part of their companies as well as part of their future strategic construction initiatives. Above all, knowing how to make the most of your modular classroom space is the best way to help students on their path to success. For more information about finished portable buildings, contact ABS.

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