The Rise and Advantages of the Modular Medical Building

The Rise and Advantages of the Modular Medical Building

calendar icon August 26, 2019

According to a survey of 800 engineers, contractors, and architects, modular construction leads to many benefits. Some of them are the shortening of project schedules, reduction of the overall budget, and less waste. Modular medical building for clinics and private practices are on the rise because of these amazing benefits. Curious what a modular medical building is, or if it’s right for your practice? Take a look at this article to determine to read more.

What Is a Modular Building?

Modular buildings are also known as precision built homes. They use a building method called permanent modular construction. This method has stricter construction standards than homes built on-site.

Modular buildings construct of modules (known as sections). For instance, these modules are built off of the building site and then delivered.

The installation of the modules takes place on the construction site by using a crane to position the modules together. Then, the modules link together using inter-connections.

The materials used to construct modular homes is the same as a regular home and arrives via a flat-bed truck.

The Benefits of the Modular Medical Building

There are many substantial benefits to building healthcare projects with modular construction. Most of the industry is headed towards modular medical buildings. Take a peek at some of the major benefits.

Construction Schedules

First off, 50% of construction projects fall behind their intended completion date. Teams need shorter construction schedules and strict adherence to those schedules.

Modular construction helps speed up the construction schedule by building the building off-site. This way, onsite work still occurs and completes at the same time as the building.

Affect of modular construction isn’t by changes in the weather, climate, or other disruptions. If you are building near an existing building, your everyday business will have fewer interruptions.

Budget Reduction

Secondly, shorter construction times lead to large cost savings. There will be fewer labor costs with the construction process because the time cuts in half in comparison to a traditional construction project.

Not only do you get flexible payment options, but the design comes with the building. This eliminates the need for an architect.

High-Quality Product

One of the best benefits of modular design is the finalized product is high-quality. Workers are working in a controlled environment, so the quality is consistent across all construction, and meets all regulatory requirements.

The materials are very durable and can last a long time. Internal walls have superior sound insulation and fire protection. They are sustainable and energy-efficient while still being cost-effective.

To Build or Not to Build

The modular medical building saves construction time and provides a high-quality finished building to be proud of. It reduces the overall cost, saving the company time and money but still upholding their reputation. Modular buildings are on the rise and they aren’t just a trend.

We provide valuable tips for modular building and commercial modular construction. If you’re interested in other alternative building solutions that save you time and money, reach out to us today.

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