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The Guide to Working with Your Modular Building General Contractor

Since 2014, the modular building industry has doubled in size and today it’s an 8 billion dollar industry. Read on to learn how to work with a modular building general contractor so you can get the best results for your new construction.  

Compared to traditional stick-built structures, modular buildings take a fraction of the time to build. Plus, they’re more affordable and construction is less wasteful. 

But, these projects don’t just happen overnight. A general contractor still has to manage the building process for you. 

Make Your Expectations Clear From the Beginning

The key to a successful build is to make sure you and your contractor are on the same page from the beginning. Since you can’t read one another’s minds, you need to feel comfortable talking to them. 

Make sure your general contractor understands what you expect from the building and your ideal timeline. Your contractor is the one that will handle the building permit, which is an overview of the project that’s approved by your local government. 

If there’s a miscommunication or an incorrect dimension at the permit stage, it can throw the entire project off schedule. 

Understand Your General Contractor’s Scope of Work

There’s a lot of steps in modular construction, but not all of them involve your building general contractor. A civil engineer, the modular manufacturer, and the building company are also part of the equation. 

The better you understand each person’s scope of work (the specific tasks they’re responsible for), the easier it will be to talk with the right person. 

Your contractor handles the building permit, the building installation, on-site finishes, and the utility connections. They might also prepare the building site.

The civil engineer gets approval for the building site and handles the zoning, they also draw the building plans.

The modular manufacturer does the prefab construction in a warehouse. The modular building company manages the entire process. 

Ask for an Estimated Timeline

When you’re still in the planning phase, ask your contractor or building company for an estimated timeline.

That way, you’ll know exactly what’s going on. Plus, you won’t have to constantly check in with your contractor. If it seems like something’s taking longer than the checklist suggests, check in with your contractor for an update. 

Make Your Material and Color Decisions On Time 

Once the civil engineer draws up the plans, you’ll get some color and material samples to choose from. 

If you expect your contractor to stay on schedule, you also need to do your part to make that happen. Try to make design decisions as soon as you can, or else it could delay the process even more. 

After all, the slowdown in production affects both you and your contractor. 

Start Working with a Building General Contractor

Once you decide to build a modular unit, choosing a modular building general contractor is your next big decision. The best contractors are easy to work with, transparent, and dependable.

If you’re looking for a company with those qualities, Alternative Building Solutions can help. We’ll be with you at every step in the building process.

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