Modular buildings for commercial use in Florida and the Southeast


Early on in the process of selecting a company to go with for additional modular classrooms for our school, was already leaning toward a different company. After dealing with the representatives from all three companies, it became apparent that you were more customer oriented and responsive to return phone calls.
Once we went with Alternative Building Solutions, it became obvious your knowledge, concern for a quality product, and just caring about the customer easily demonstrated you did not come across as a competing company but rather one who was truly looking out for our best interest.
Before the modular arrived and up until this point, you have been easily accessible and highly responsive to any needs for the modulars that we have stated.
As we now plan for future growth, we consider you a vital part of our planning team rather than a vendor or company representative.
It was obvious in our first planning meeting, you immediately gained the respect of those associated with building and construction.
David, I respect and trust you and feel we have found the right person for the school as we plan to move forward with our growth.

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