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Dear Dave,

It was my pleasure to serve as the project manager for St. Lawrence in the construction of a new outreach center for the St Vincent de Paul ministry. InVision is a project management company dedicated to assisting businesses and groups develop / build / renovate facilities for which they do not have in-house staff knowledge, ability or time. We come in and provide that “in-house” development experience and support. Early-on, St. Lawrence asked InVision to assist with this process.

I am writing to express my appreciation of your service and dedication to the project. As you are well aware, churches tend to move slow, change their minds, and be quite demanding at times. Regardless, you were continuously available to answer questions, push back deliveries, attend meetings and follow through on all of the punch list requests that we asked for.

If you choose to share this letter with anyone, I would want to let them know that there are several companies that can deliver a good modular solution. That said, it isn’t everybody that can deliver the dedication and service that you and ABS did through our process of construction. For that, I personally thank you and wish you continued success. I highly recommend you and ABS for facilities like ours and any other project where budget and schedule may be of importance.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Jonathan Moore, AIA
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