Modular buildings for commercial use in Florida and the Southeast

Dear Dave,
Anuvia Plant Nutrients would like to thank you for your patience and perseverance in the construction of our four buildings in Zellwood, Florida. As is true with any construction in Orange County the process of getting a building from design phase through installation and eventual certificate of occupancy can be a trying sequence of events at best. What made our office installation even more complicated with Orange County was the fact that our plant process area was/is being constructed under a completely different set of permits with shared utilities with the office. Through it all though we were able to work together to overcome the roadblocks and see the project to completion and that would not have been possible without your help.

As a final note, the buildings have exceeded our expectations and we receive nothing but compliments from visitors, contractors, vendors and even our board of directors when they visit our site.

James P. Carr
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We provide modular buildings and portable classrooms to customers throughout the state of Florida: