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How to Setup a Satellite Office Using a Modular Building

A satellite office can help the over 30 million small businesses in America grow. These additional offices provide for more office space in an additional location. It can be expensive to set up an additional office, which is why a modular office is a smart solution.

Read this guide and learn how you can quickly and affordably set up a modular satellite office.

Choose the Right Location

The first thing you need to decide is the ideal location for your satellite office. Is your new modular building housing an expanding team? If so, then maybe you need your modular building physically close to your original office.

Or your satellite office could be a part of a larger expansion. Then you’ll want to have your satellite office located in the new territory.

Once you decide where you want the office, you need to think about how big you want it to be. This will help you find real estate that is large enough to accommodate your new building. Modular buildings are customizable, so you can build a satellite office that is 100 to 20,000 square feet.

Decide on the Ideal Floorplan

How big do you need your new office to be? How many employees do you want your building to accommodate? A modular building can have a customized floorplan to suit your company’s individual needs.

One option is to have one large room and a bathroom. Then you would have an open working space where you’d arrange several desks.

Another option is to create individual offices. This gives your employees more privacy for their work. You could also do a combination of the two, with a few offices for managerial staff and a larger open space for lower-level employees.

Connect for Communication

Once you have your building picked out, you need to plan for the technology. The biggest struggle companies face is communication. Plan for your new office to have a phone and internet service.

This will ensure that you can stay in full communication with the employees in this new office. You can use the timeline given to you by your modular builder to plan when these connections should occur.

Know Your Timeline

One of the most significant advantages of modular buildings is that they build incredibly fast. This is because they are about 70-90% complete before they arrive at the construction site. This means you can have a much shorter and more flexible construction timeline for your new office.

Plan for your building to be up and ready for use in less than a month once the pieces arrive on site.

Plan and Set up Your Satellite Office

As a growing business, you need to balance expansion with available resources. A satellite office lets you grow your geographic coverage and employee base. It also allows you to build faster and at a reduced cost.

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