School Portables: What Are the Benefits of Using a Modular Classroom?

School Portables: What Are the Benefits of Using a Modular Classroom?

calendar icon May 31, 2022

Do you want to add one of the most convenient pieces of technology to your classroom? More than one-third of public schools have portable buildings. There is no doubt that modular construction allows schools to meet the need for additional capacity in a way that is both faster and more affordable than a traditional building.

The modular classroom has changed the way we think about schools. A modular classroom can be used full-time or temporarily so that your students have a place to learn as soon as possible.

What makes portable classrooms such a sound investment? Read these tips to find out.

Portable Classrooms Are Cost-Effective

Schools are starting to use modular classroom buildings because they are so incredibly cost-effective. When you need to build a brick and mortar school, you’re dealing with permits, construction crews, building materials, and so much red tape that equals spending more green.

The average portable classroom can cost $50,000 or more. Modular classroom prices vary based on the size of the unit and the type of features that you go with. Explore some cost estimates to make certain that you’re spending your money wisely.

Get clear on the number of students and teachers that will occupy it and how long you’ll need to use it.

They’re Mobile and Flexible

You can always pick up and move a portable classroom wherever you need to. This mobility gives you more options so that you’re not stuck to any particular location.

You can repurpose a mobile classroom however you’d like, whether you’re using it temporarily during construction, to expand your classroom space, or to have storage areas for equipment and supplies.

Having more options lets you keep your budgets steady and minimizes disruptions.

You Can Upgrade School Portables However You’d Like

Portable classrooms can be built to your liking, and they’re easily upgradeable. They can be outfitted with new technology, lighting, carpets, or any decorative features that you desire.

Research portable classroom dimensions so that you can explore the best ways to use them. They can provide server space for your information technology (IT) so that your kids have access to the most secure and effective high-speed internet available.

You can also repurpose used classrooms and fix them up to save some money on your overhead costs.

Modular Classrooms Are Safe and Green-Friendly

If you want your school to be eco-friendly, modular classrooms can get the job done. The carbon emissions involved in installing one of these buildings are a drop in the bucket compared to the waste created by a construction project that lasts several months.

Many of these buildings are also built to be green and clean, using technology like infrared sensors, LED lights, and eco-friendly heating and cooling systems.

Invest in Modular Classroom Technology

Portable classrooms provide an excellent opportunity for your school. You can use these classrooms from kindergarten to college, and you will appreciate these benefits and several others.

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