Modular buildings for commercial use in Florida and the Southeast

Guaranteed on-time completion

With a controlled manufacturing environment, you get fewer weather delays or damage. Project completed 40% faster than traditional construction.


Our Manufacturing process can save our customers up to 50% without sacrificing quality.

Flexible Design

We custom design your building for your specific needs. It does not matter how large or how small, we will deliver satisfaction.

Expansion Capabilities

By adding modules, you can expand your square footage. The building can be moved if the need arises.

Traditional Appearance

With the look and feel of a traditional building, at a fraction of the cost and lead time.

Attractive Interiors and Exteriors

From practical to luxurious, the building can be finished any way you want.

Less Site Disruption

No construction equipment and debris scattered on the site for weeks or months, like traditionally constructed buildings.
Building schedules can be planned for optimum project performance. Delivery of the modular building comes in sections are positioned on the site with a crane or truck. The sections are then seamed together. Electrical, plumbing and means of egress are then tied into the modular building. Sidewalks, landscaping, parking and signage are completed simultaneously as furniture and communications are completed inside.


If you are considering modular buildings  – read this guidebook called Owner’s Guide For Buying and Leasing: Basic Commercial Modular Construction. Here is the online version and the
print version.

It was written for the benefit of the consumer and based on 30+ years of experience in the modular industry. Pave your way to a successful modular building project by increasing your understanding of the process from start to finish. Easy to read, understand and apply.


Turn Key Projects and Project Management:

Alternative Building Solutions, Inc. works with our own licensed general contractor. We begin by pulling all the necessary permits and finalize with your certificate of occupancy. Our sales professionals will walk you through the entire process and be there every step of the way to be sure that your project is 100 % satisfactory, start to finish. We stand behind all of our work and are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

exterior of modular ABS10 projects
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