Modular Building Project Stages

Alternative Building Solutions, Inc. has identified the following stages of the project cycle to ensure that you get the right modular building solution for your unique needs. These will guide you through each distinctive project stage from concept to completion.


1. The Planning Stage

Once you have come to the conclusion that modular construction is right for your organization, you must locate a suitable site, either a new location or an area on your existing property. You will need to start thinking about: Civil Engineering to complete site plan for planning, zoning, and water management; General Contractor for obtaining building permits and utility connections; Location of water, sewer, electric, and storm water.

During this stage, Alternative Building Solutions, Inc. can help you start budgeting for your modular building project. We can help you value engineer the site and building, and then determine which building codes and zoning requirements you will need to follow for your particular project. We will also introduce you to general contractors and civil engineers which are both vital in obtaining the site approval and building permit.



2. The Proposal Stage

When it is determined that a modular building is the best solution for your organization based on the time and cost advantages as well as the flexibility that modular buildings have to offer, we will move into the proposal stage. Here, we need to establish a preliminary budget for the project. Alternative Building Solutions, Inc. prepares a detailed proposal which will include pricing on the modular building, recommended options, detailed specifications, technical clarifications, and a scope of work. The scope of work will define who is responsible for certain tasks involved in your project. At this point you can start planning, as we will make it clear what all of our responsibilities are and you can be assured that we will follow thru on each of these. We deliver your proposal and answer any questions you may have. Next, the Civil Engineer will proceed with getting the site approval to place the modular building on your property.



3. The Contract Stage

Once you have site approval, your organization and Alternative Building Solutions, Inc. will execute an agreement and proceed on to the drawing stage.


4. The Drawing Stage

Approximately ten days after the execution of the contract, shop drawings (red lines), material and color samples will be presented to you for your approval and selection. Approximately 10 days after the shop drawings are signed off on; you will receive your sealed drawings from the third party engineer.


5. The Building Stage

A line time has now been secured at the factory and two sets of activities will take place. During this stage; (1) the preparation of the site including clearing and grading, if necessary, and foundation work (the scope of work and technical clarifications will make clear who is responsible for the site preparation); (2) the building will go into production at the manufacturer (typical lead time for the building production is approximately 8-10 weeks). This is the stage where the most time and money is saved for you, because the building construction and site work are done simultaneously.


6. The Installation Stage

Day 1, the modular buildings are delivered. Day 2, Our set up crews will begin the installation process. Depending on the size and complexity of the modular building, this can take 3 or more working days. Also, If you elect some of our on-site finishes such as, interior drywall, interior T-grid lay-in ceiling, floor covering (carpet/tile), exterior stucco, exterior mansards and gutters, just to name a few, this could add additional time for your project.

As soon as we have completed the installation process, the general contractor will proceed with the utility connections and the rest of their scope of work. As each stage completes, we will be inspected by the local municipalities with our final destination – “Certificate of Occupancy.”


7. The Completion Stage

The term “substantially complete” describes this final stage of the project where the work contracted for has been completed and the building can be occupied. At this point a walk-through inspection will be conducted by Alternative Building Solutions, Inc. and your project representative. A punch list is created to ensure that any item that has not been completed to your satisfaction is recorded and addressed in a specified time frame. Once this punch list is completed the building is then turned over to you.

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