Relocating to a Modular Office After a Natural Disaster

Relocating to a Modular Office After a Natural Disaster

calendar icon July 31, 2019

What would you do if your business was hit by a natural disaster such as forest fire, floods, or a hurricane? Well, your first course of action would be to plan how to resume normal business operations. You may need a temporary office as you renovate your premises. A modular office may be your best bet as it is cheap and easy to install. The article below discusses how to relocate to a modular office after a natural disaster.

Planning Phase

Preferably, your business should have an emergency plan detailing how to handle office relocations. For example, how should you communicate with your various publics? Informing clients and other stakeholders of business disruption may help improve brand loyalty and customer trust.

An effective emergency plan should focus on the immediate resumption of business operations. For example, if floods or storms damage your premises, you could provide online or remote services as you move to a temporary office.

Mitigating measures such as data back-up will prevent the loss of information during a natural hazard.

Choosing A Suitable Building

One of the main advantages of modular buildings is that they are flexible in design. In fact, the size of the modular office is dependent on your scale of operations, the number of employees, and available space. For example, an accounting firm may require less space than a school.

Fabrication can take place with modular buildings to suit your interior and exterior design preferences. With limited space, you may opt for a story building. Modern office designs incorporating natural lighting, open space, live plants, and glass partitions will ensure your employees have an easy time adapting to the new environment.

Modular buildings can be expanded and reduced to your preference. For example, once a section of your premises is renovated, you may no longer need a large modular office.


Work with a company that is keen on ensuring your business gets back to its feet. Flexible pricing guarantees that your business does not incur hefty expenses as you reconstruct your premises.

Typically, rent, lease or purchase can happen with modular offices. Some companies have a lease to buy option where you may opt to purchase the modular office after the lease period.

You need a reliable company that has no issue extending the lease or rent period. Inquire about extra costs such as site preparation and the repair and maintenance of utilities such as washrooms.

Relocation To The Modular Office

Create an inventory of everything you intend to move to the modular office. These may include computers, desks, office chairs, documents, and stock. If the modular office is located far from your premises, you should hire a moving company to transport office materials.

Things that you do not need should be clean and in a safe place as you will need them once you move to your old premises.

Go Modular; Save Cash

Above all, z modular office is a simple way to ensure business continuity after a natural hazard. It is not only cheap but also easy to install.

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