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Prefab Vs Modular

Prefab vs. Modular Construction: Is There a Difference?

20% of all new homes sold in Florida are manufactured homes. Modular buildings + Florida and portable buildings + Florida may sound like an oxymoron because of the potential for hurricanes, but today’s factory-built homes are safer than ever. Continue reading to learn prefab vs modular.

There are also many benefits to modular building construction and prefabricated buildings. Modular construction technology has come a long way to make your construction dreams a reality.

Are ‘prefab’ and ‘modular’ one and the same? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about prefab vs. modular construction.

The Prefab vs. Modular Debate

You may have many questions about manufactured homes, churches, buildings and schools. What is prefab construction? What is a modular building? Also, what are modular building panels? What are modular construction costs compared to prefab or traditional buildings? Let’s sort out the differences.

Prefab Construction

Prefab is short for prefabricated and it refers to building the parts of a structure, be it a house, a church, a medical building, etc, in a factory. However, assembling it together happens at the site.

Building panels or modules happen in a controllable factory setting. No worries about rain, wind or other weather getting in the way of the construction. This makes it very cost-effective. In other words, less time lost means quicker turn around.

Prefab is also eco-friendly. In fact, companies can recycle waste in the factory and not throw it in a dumpster on the construction site.

There are two types of prefab construction. For example, one is modular structure construction. The other is panelized construction.

Modular Construction

All modular buildings are prefabricated, but not all prefabs are modular. Modular buildings are at least 70% prefab.

Modular is where an entire unit of a building structure happens in the factory. Panelization is when the panels like the roof, walls, and floors construction are in the factory but finish on the building site.

Builders complete the plumbing, electric and some design finishes at the factory in modular construction.

This makes modular construction very versatile. Adding units, later on, is easy.

Also, with more of the building process being done in the factory, everything is in a secure environment with more supervision. The result is a better quality structure.

The Difference?

Modular buildings fall under the category of prefabricated construction. Not all prefab is modular. Prefab parts could or could not be put into modular units.

Modular vs. Prefab

Now that you know the differences in the prefab vs. modular debate, you can make an informed decision when looking at your options for factory-built construction.

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