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Revival Ministries International

Exterior Of Modular ABS10 Projects
Project Description

Revival Ministries International came to us to meet their need for additional classroom space, which they wished to be completed before the beginning of their Bible College’s fall session.

The location they chose was part of their parking lot, so they had considerable space restrictions. We decided to create the beginning of a U, with the buildings forming the first two legs of that U. The first building measured 86 feet by 40 feet, for a total of 3440 square feet, and was partitioned into three separate classrooms. The second building was 110 feet by 40, and measured 4400 total square feet.

The roofs were designed to pitch water away from the buildings and toward the storm water drains, and had a 15-year rubber roof warranty. Both buildings were designed to accommodate awnings, to be installed at a later date, as well as concrete ramps and steps, which were purchased for permanent installation.

Currently the customer is planning on a final last building to complete the U shape and provide even more classroom and office space, in addition to restroom facilities for all three buildings.

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