Modular Office Space: Transforming Commercial Real Estate

Modular Office Space: Transforming Commercial Real Estate

calendar icon June 21, 2019

Is your business growing? Do you need more office space or perhaps want your business to have another location?

Maybe the idea of growing your business sounds highly appealing, yet going through a long construction process doesn’t. You should consider modular office space construction for your commercial real estate needs.

Modular commercial buildings offer a new way to construct a commercial space with many advantages. Consider modular building for your office needs.

What Is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is an alternative method of construction for an office building. While they might be prefabricated buildings, don’t be confused because they are not temporary like a construction site trailer or office.

Most of the time, the construction of modular office buildings takes place on an offsite location. The construction of the building like the walls, electrical and office space happens off-site at a factory. At the same time, the actual building site can be customizable for the building to arrive and put together.

The creation of modular office spaces are from the prefabrication of the building which is efficient and quicker than traditional commercial real estate.

Advantages to Modular Commercial Real Estate

Remember, modular commercial real estate is not temporary. These are regular buildings for permanent use. The difference is how they are constructed, which offers many advantages.

  • Modular construction has 60-90% of the construction done in a factory setting offering optimal efficiency.
  • Both traditional and eco-friendly materials are priority for this type of construction.
  • The development and construction of the actual site and the building are simultaneous.
  • There are no limitations due to weather delays for construction in an indoor factory setting.
  • A commercial modular building completion could be 30-50% more quickly than one with traditional building methods.
  • The design aesthetic remains the same from traditional buildings.

Reasons to Choose a Modular Building

The approach to building a modular space is slightly different. You and an architect will design how you want your space to look and feel. The construction of how and where is the difference.

In modular construction, the building’s creation is from the inside out. This means the building’s construction is in sections. These sections are “put together” to create the overall commercial site.

Traditional high-quality materials are still in place for this construction. They are just used in a different manner. Modular construction allows for more uniformity in a highly efficient method of construction.

Modular Office Space

Modular office space is a new way to think about the construction of your building site. The combination of eco-friendly and traditional materials create the same high-quality site.

However, there are many advantages to choosing the modular method of construction for your commercial space. Decreased construction times means you can be in your building and working much sooner.

Modular construction also offers the advantage that you can construct buildings that look the same in multiple locations so your look and brand are consistent.

To learn more about modular construction for your commercial site, contact us today.

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