Modular Buildings: Transforming the Future of Construction

Modular Buildings: Transforming the Future of Construction

calendar icon February 25, 2020

When schools, businesses, or churches need room to grow, more of them are choosing modular buildings to create more capacity. The increasing use of prefabricated modular buildings isn’t slowing down, and it’s transforming the construction industry.

Incorporating ready-made sections, features, or complete rooms into a building concept means architects and contractors must adapt to a different way of designing and assembling buildings—large or small.

Embracing this building trend has plenty of benefits for the construction industry. Keep reading to learn more about how modular building manufacturing is changing how the industry works.

Reduced Build Time

When a builder creates every aspect of a building from scratch, a completed build can take a long time. Depending on the size and elements of a building, a construction project can take weeks, months, or a year or longer.

Including prefab modular buildings in the construction plans for a new building reduces the time it takes to assemble the completed structure—reducing total build time by as much as 50%. Modular buildings are assembled offsite. They’re ready to ship and install when it’s time to incorporate them into a building.

Since contractors don’t need the time (or staff) to construct a piece of the building puzzle, it takes less time to start and finish a construction project.

Money Savings

Since contractors can order a prefabricated room or building, this reduces the need (and project costs) for subcontractors to build pieces of a construction project. Depending on the customization needed for a modular addition to a new building, money savings can be a lot or a little.

In general, including a prefabricated room or piece in your building design should cost less than a team of people building it on site.

Fewer Jobsite Injuries

With fewer people on a job site and fewer dangerous projects constructed on location, job sites should see fewer injuries. Better safety reduces worker’s compensation claims and improves morale.

Job sites also often create hazards for the surrounding areas. When using modular buildings, a construction site can use a smaller footprint. There’s no need to store large amounts of materials, heavy machinery, and large tools. The areas around a construction site become safer for the general public when the site takes up less space.

Increased Productivity

When contractors can complete new builds faster, and with fewer on-site workers, they can add more projects to their schedule. Using prefabricated buildings means less waste to clean up after a completed build. Many contractors also report better quality control with modular buildings, which reduces the time and expense needed to correct mistakes.

These small things can make a significant impact on the efficiency of each project.

Use a Modular Building to Improve Your Next Project!

Whether you’re expanding your current capacity or building a new facility, consider a modular building to improve many aspects of your construction project! Let our team help you get it done faster, make it a safer environment, and save money.

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