Modular Buildings for Churches: How Can They Help With Worship?

Modular Buildings for Churches: How Can They Help With Worship?

calendar icon March 15, 2022

Every year in the US, approximately 4,000 church plants spring into existence. Often, these church plants first meet in houses, schools, or existing religious buildings that they do not own.

Although this experience often brings a level of excitement, most congregations yearn for a designated worship space. It allows them to personalize their space and offers more stability.

However, building a traditional church structure takes lots of time and money. Congregations can wait for years before they have the funds to start this construction.

That’s why many churches have turned to modular buildings. Several modular building benefits make them advantageous to churches.

What are some of those benefits? If that’s what you’re asking, keep reading! We’ll explore the best advantages in the guide below.

Modular Buildings Are Cheaper And Faster To Build

One of the best modular building advantages is its cost range. Portable buildings cost much less than traditional construction projects. We at ABS10 offer multiple financing packages to make your project more affordable.

Depending on the size of your building, your new church addition could cost as little as $70,000. In contrast, many traditional structures cost between $500,000 and $1 million.

Modular buildings are also faster to build. Generally, modular buildings consist of several pieces constructed in a factory. Once the builders transport these pieces to the site, they put the pieces together to form your structure.

From there, most of your additional costs come from adding in new features. These include HVAC systems and bathrooms, for example.

Modular Buildings Meet Several Needs

When people think of church buildings, they immediately imagine a sanctuary. While modular buildings can provide a sanctuary, they can also meet several other needs.

For example, many churches run a pre-school or Christian academy program. Maybe your church would like to start such a program but currently lack the space.

If so, modular buildings can solve this problem! These buildings are highly adaptable, allowing them to serve as classrooms, administrative offices, libraries, and more.

Fortunately, school portables are often easy to find. So, search for a portable package that meets your needs.

Beautiful Worship Spaces

Modular buildings often have simpler construction than classic church buildings. As a result, no posts or beams obstruct your view of the sanctuary front.

This way, congregants can view the preacher during the sermon, worship song lyrics, or the administration of communion. It allows excellent visibility, regardless of where you sit in the building.

Modular sanctuaries also offer improved acoustics for your worship. Their roof insulation and lack of air ducts allow people’s sound to flow much more freely. Your worship team, choir, and congregational singing will sound much better now!

Finally, these buildings allow several lighting options. You can have a building with windows to let in natural light. These buildings also accommodate several light fixtures to create a reverent atmosphere.

Find Your Modular Buildings Today!

Modular buildings provide an excellent building for your congregational needs. You can use these buildings to add to your church building quickly.

So, contact us today if you need a modular building! We’ve provided these buildings for several congregations in Florida and Georgia. Check out our services today!

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