Modular Buildings: How Can They Benefit Schools?

Modular Buildings: How Can They Benefit Schools?

calendar icon April 23, 2019

With the school year beginning to wrap up within the next few months, it’s time for schools to plan for both summer school and the following school year. And one major task schools face is ensuring they have room for all of their classes and students. While about 99% of schools have permanent buildings for their students, about 31% of schools also utilize temporary, or modular buildings. So let’s take a look at a few ways schools might benefit from exploring modular building options.

Schools Benefits of Modular Buildings:

Quick Solutions

When schools find themselves in a pinch and need additional classroom space quickly, portable classrooms are a great choice. When considering modular building options, schools can adjust to growing student numbers or additional classes. While it may take months or even years to add permanent additional buildings, modular buildings can be in use within weeks. This allows schools to carry on as necessary and have space they need to help their students succeed.


Modular buildings are a great temporary or permanent solution because these school portables are moveable. If a school is in need of temporary additional space, they can use these portable spaces to fit their cneeds. And as for long-term solutions, modular buildings can be in one place or moved to varying areas of the property as needs for the classroom space change. Either way, these buildings can be moved around to areas where they will be most beneficial.

Several Applications

Whether it’s additional classroom space, a testing area, a library, or even a science lab, modular buildings are conveniently moveable. The applications for portable buildings are endless. Which is great for schools that find themselves with a rapidly growing student body or an expanding curriculum. No matter what the school needs the space for, portable buildings can be custom and meet changing needs.

As you can see, there are several ways schools can benefit from looking into modular building options. Whether it’s a fix or a way to add on space, these buildings can give students a place to learn.

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