Modular buildings for commercial use in Florida and the Southeast

Tampa Modular Buildings Offer Ideal Commercial Building Solutions

Affordability, flexibility, and durability make Tampa modular buildings the right solution. Right solution for your business, school, church, or health care facility.

Alternative Building Solutions, Inc. is making it easier than ever for Tampa offices, schools, churches, medical facilities and other businesses to get the building of their dreams. In addition, we make this possible without accumulating excessive debt or sacrificing building quality. Our streamline modular construction system delivers high quality modular buildings. Moreover, we feature flexibility of design, custom floor plans and attractive interior and exterior options.

Business owners on the hunt for affordable business expansion or relocation. They will appreciate the ability to have a new business structure up and running in less time and for less money than a traditional building. In some cases, the need for a new building is urgent. And that’s yet another way that ABS can answer the call. You’ll be in amazement by how quickly we can have your building open-for-business in the Tampa area.

Tampa Modular Buildings Give Your Business the Space to Grow

As the Tampa area continues to grow, there’s a greater need for additional space. For example, business space, classrooms, medical facilities and places of worship. At ABS, we are honored to be the company to meet those needs. As the premier Tampa modular construction service and provider, we use our more than two decades of experience to help you achieve the building you want at a price you can afford. We also offer financing options to bring even more affordability and convenience to you.

Choosing your Tampa modular building provider is a big decision. But at ABS, we feel like we make the choice pretty easy. Our modular team is full of only quality construction professionals who consider modular buildings their primary specialty. Furthermore, we have fine-tuned our modular solutions over the years, utilizing all the latest technology has to offer in order to provide your business with the best modular construction methods and processes to reach your building goals.

Take Your Tampa Business to the Next Level with ABS Modular Buildings

A growing business needs the space to grow. So, let our team at ABS give you all the room you need on-site, or even at a different Florida location. It’s surprising to learn we can even relocate your building for you. (If you decide to move or expand into new areas.) Whatever your needs are for your Tampa business, we are here to provide the professional guidance and assistance you need.

Contact us for your next addition.

Click or call (813) 855-0646 to contact the modular experts in Tampa today online or by phone. Whether you desire a complimentary site visit, professional analysis, free quote or all of the above, we will meet your requests within 48 hours. We may offer more than most modular construction companies, but we know that once you realize the benefits our Tampa modular buildings can bring to your business, we will begin a wonderful working relationship.

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