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Discover Modular Buildings in Orlando

Modular buildings and classroom portables are revolutionizing the construction industry in Orlando, FL.

When it comes to affordable building construction in Orlando, modular buildings and classroom portables have quickly made it to the top of the list. Alternative Building Solutions, Inc., has broken through the financial barriers for businesses and schools wanting to build, providing cost and time-efficient solutions to make their dream buildings a reality.

Our commercial modular buildings feature flexible design, custom floor plans, and sturdy construction to provide our clients with buildings that are functional for business and classroom purposes and withstand the test of time.

Expert Construction of Modular Buildings in Orlando

The ABS team has 23 years of experience to bring to the table, and we hire only the most qualified, trained professionals for your construction project. There’s no reason to settle for a construction company that performs modular construction on the side when you can go with our team of experts. We know modular because that’s what we do each and every day!

Whether you need modular offices, classrooms, a health care facility, or other commercial building in Orlando, our alternative solutions can help you maximize your business’s hard-earned dollars. With ABS, you can meet your building needs on time and within budget without sacrificing functionality or quality.

Choose ABS to Stay Competitive in Orlando’s Growing Markets

In the Orlando area, business is booming, as is the population. As companies expand and industries grow, so does the need for additional space. This is where modular constructions come in as the perfect solution. Modular buildings and classroom portables from ABS enable businesses to meet the needs of their clients, customers, or students without blowing their budgets.

When you choose ABS for your next commercial building project, you will be taking advantage of the latest modular building technology to get a state-of-the-art building for a fraction of the cost of a traditional structure. In addition to our fine-tuned modular construction system, you get to experience our attentive customer service that leaves you confident in the process and satisfied with the results.

Get Flexible Design and Customization for Orlando Modular Buildings

Being able to choose exactly what you want for your modular building or classroom portable in Orlando is a primary advantage of working with ABS. We offer custom floor plans and flexible design, which means you can get the building you really want—not just one that sorta-kinda works.

What’s more, our Orlando team can provide a complimentary site visit, professional analysis, and free quote within 48 hours. See for yourself the wide range of modular building styles and models available to meet your unique business needs.

Click or call (813) 855-0646 to contact us today to get the answers to your questions about Orlando modular buildings, or to schedule your free site visit and quote.

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