How Much Do Portable Classrooms Cost?

How Much Do Portable Classrooms Cost?

calendar icon October 28, 2019

Modular buildings are environmentally friendly, affordable, and highly versatile which makes them a smart choice for your growing classroom. If your student population is growing, a portable classroom could be the perfect solution to accommodate everyone. So, how much do portable classrooms cost and how can they save you money? Read on to learn more.

Setting Up Your Portable Classroom

When you choose to use portable classrooms, there’ll be an upfront cost to either lease or purchase. But there’s also a setup process involved, and this usually costs extra.

In order to get your new portable classroom on-site, the company you choose will need to transport it to its new location. Once it arrives, they will have to unload it using a trailer or crane and then set it down on the foundation.

After the portable classroom is delivered, the crew will set everything up. This setup process includes installing the roof and hooking up all of the electrical so your classroom has power.

Be sure to budget setup when you think about portable classroom cost totals. Ask about the total fees for set up and delivery. This can run anywhere from a few thousand dollars to several thousand. One perk of using portable classrooms is that it takes just weeks to set up as opposed to months or even years with new construction.

What Does the Portable Classroom Cost?

The cost for your particular portable classroom may vary depending on the size and many other features. You can lease the classroom or purchase it outright.

While there’s no set price for portable classrooms, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 or even more for each unit. Get a few quotes to find out just how much your classroom will cost before you commit.

Your classroom will need to meet a variety of local and federal building codes, and it should also include safety features like fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. Talk to your portable classroom dealer about what types of features are included and which ones you’d need to add.

There should also be a handicapp-accessible ramp for your portable classroom as well as heating and air conditioning. Even with these features, the cost will be substantially less than a permanent structure.

Another perk of using portable classrooms is that they can be moved around as needed. For example, if your school is being expanded and you need to move so they can continue construction, a portable classroom can easily be moved to a different location.

Make the Right Choice with Portable Classrooms

Once you’ve determined that the portable classroom cost will fit within your budget, it’s a wise choice that will give your students the space they need to learn. Ask about set up costs beforehand, and choose important features so you have the perfect place to teach.

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