How Modular Solutions Can Help Your Church’s Next Project

How Modular Solutions Can Help Your Church’s Next Project

calendar icon April 9, 2019

Around the world, many churches serve as fixtures in their communities. For example, churches help with a variety of projects and events. Surveys suggest that about half of all Americans go to church at least once a month. The advent of cheap portable buildings has widely expanded the possibilities for these community centers and their organizing capabilities. Here are just a few examples of some projects that, thanks to modular solutions and buildings, are more in reach than ever before.

Modular Solutions Examples:

  • Help senior centers

Finished portable buildings can provide extra space for food, religious services, and fun volunteer activities for seniors regularly helped by your church. There is no doubt that the elderly cared for by the facility will appreciate the extra space and care!

  • Foster a local school’s growth

Schools have long benefited from the help of outside institutions which donate funds, supplies, manpower, and more. If a nearby school needs to expand to accommodate larger amounts of students and equipment, used modular school buildings can make this goal more accessible. Donations will go farther when schools use fast, cheap portable buildings.

  • Become a home to the arts

Art has the capacity to greatly enrich a community’s culture and vibrancy. However, a scarcity of funding means the arts are constantly in danger. One way for your church to support the artists in the community is to dedicate a space, permanently or at certain times of the year, to showcasing their work. If there is no space currently available in your church, consider investing in cheap portable buildings to host these galleries.

  • Provide meeting space for recovery groups

Regular meetings with others going through the same struggle can be an essential component of the recovery process. Whether people are meeting to help cope with narcotics abuse, alcoholism, divorce, etc., they need a safe space where they can meet often. The ability to provide such spaces is just one more reason to expand your church using affordable modular solutions.

Temporary or permanent, more space means more possibilities. Help your church reach its full potential — invest in modular buildings today with Alternative Building Solutions and make those projects a reality.

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