How Can Modular Classrooms Save Schools Money? (Part 2)

How Can Modular Classrooms Save Schools Money? (Part 2)

calendar icon May 1, 2018

Did you know modular classrooms save schools money? In the last post, we discussed some of the basic ways schools can save money by investing in economical portable buildings to accommodate extra students. And the fact is, almost all (99%) of schools have permanent buildings, and 31% have portable (temporary) buildings. Understanding the ways in which modular classrooms can save schools and educational facilities money is the key to making the best financial decisions. Here’s part two of our guide that will explore some more unique ways in which schools can save funds by investing in cost-effective portable buildings.

How Modular Classrooms Save Schools Money:

Rent Extra Space

Modular classrooms are considered to be some of the most versatile spaces when they’re not being used for students. With this in mind, many schools bring in extra income by renting out their extra spaces during evenings and/or weekends. There are countless ways to advertise and rent out your school or educational facility’s additional spaces. In fact, doing so will earn income which can cover an almost unlimited number of purposes. For example, purchasing extra supplies for students, increasing activities, and many more. Don’t neglect the buying power that your school can build by earning the virtually free income that comes with renting additional space.

High-Quality Solution

Finally, investing in economical portable buildings ensures that you’re getting the highest quality possible for the price. The initial cost of a portable classroom is between 36% and 77% of the cost of a site-built classroom addition. Yet, the quality is much better in proportion. Most manufacturers have very strict quality standards when it comes to determining the materials and construction methods. Taking this into consideration, there’s simply no need to invest in tedious and incredibly time-consuming classroom additions. Especially when construction is traditional when modular solutions provide the same results at just a fraction of the cost.

Ultimately, nearly 40% of contractors surveyed said that prefab and modular construction is a growing part of their companies. In addition, part of their future strategic construction initiatives, and one of the major reasons why involves basic economics — in most cases, portable buildings are more affordable and better quality. For more information about portable buildings for sale, contact ABS.

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