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Here’s How Modular Classrooms Are Going to Transform Education

The modular construction industry is expected to grow to over $130 billion by 2030. Across the American real estate market, modular construction is quickly becoming a trend. With many businesses adopting this way of building, the benefits are impossible to ignore. With their rise in popularity, many schools are also implementing these modular spaces on campus. Do these buildings really benefit students and teachers? Continue reading about modular classrooms…

Here are the main ways that portable classrooms are transforming schools everywhere.

What Are Modular Classrooms?

Before learning about their benefits, it’s important to know exactly what modular classrooms are.

Modular classrooms are often thought of as portable classrooms. Before assembling the classrooms on campus, the materials are first built off-site. Next, these materials are transported to the location for building to start. This process cuts down on construction time immensely.

While these buildings are portable, they can also be permanent with fixed foundations. These buildings are built to standard building codes and can last for decades.

Now that you know what they are, here are three main benefits of modular classrooms.

1. Budget Benefits

Firstly, since the start of the year, K-12 public schools have feared for the future of their classrooms more than usual. These fears include major budget cuts and layoffs. Over 250,000 teachers are predicted to be laid off in the months to come.

Quicker building time allows for less room for delays and less time spent on school grounds. These factors translate into more savings for schools. With a lack of funding in most school districts, portable classrooms offer an economic solution.

More money saved is more money toward other student resources.

2. Better Classroom Sizes

Secondly, with frequent layoffs and budget cuts in the school systems, classroom sizes usually increase. However, because modular building saves money, smaller class sizes are more possible. With smaller class sizes, teachers can teach lessons to students more effectively.

Crowded classrooms can make it more difficult for students to focus on and grasp lessons. Many students may fall behind with a lack of teacher attention. Smaller classroom sizes may help students become more confident and successful.

As class sizes change, modular classrooms are also easily adaptable to allow for more or less room. With portable classrooms, learning spaces can easily feel like communities. For real testimonials from satisfied modular building customers, click here.

3. Customizable Classroom Capabilities

Lastly, another way that modular classrooms can transform education is through their customization options. For instance, students thrive off of the type of environment they’re in. In fact, modular classrooms allow for ample opportunity to customize and cater to specific needs.

Portable classrooms offer large windows with natural light, soundproofed rooms, and sustainable building materials. No two classrooms have to look the same when constructing a modular space. From any subject like music and math, to art and English, teachers and students will love a space built with them in mind.

Transform Your School Today

If you’re looking to improve your school, modular classrooms may be your solution. From realistic customization options to smaller classroom sizes, modular classrooms have it all. Above all, with so many benefits of portable classrooms, why wait to transform your school? See our unique floor plans and start today.

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