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COVID-19: How Have Modular Building Systems Been Used?

COVID-19 has put a damper on all of our lives, but modular building systems may be the solution we’ve been waiting for.

Are you interested in learning more about how modular systems can allow us to safely reopen society?

Below we’ll discuss how modular units are being used for additional hospital space, and how they can help with social distancing in schools and churches.

Treating COVID-19 in Modular Hospitals

Health officials around the world are now considering modular buildings to fight COVID-19.

Modular medical facilities can be set up quickly in locations where cases of the virus are spiking. They also make it easier to isolate patients while expanding a hospital’s total number of beds.

In February, a 1,000-bed temporary hospital was built in Wuhan, China, in 10 days to help with the outbreak. Hospitals across the United States have taken notice and instituted their modular systems.

One challenge with using a modular for healthcare is technology. Doctors need to ensure the units have the right systems before accepting new patients.

The good news is modular suppliers are on top of this and ready to serve hospitals.

Back to School With Modular Building Systems  

A new school year is about to begin. Teachers, parents, and children are nervous about going back to school. COVID-19 is surging across the country.

Schools have been using modular buildings for years, during renovations or expansions. Today, these units can help incorporate social distancing guidelines.

Students need more space to stay six feet apart. That could mean only 11 to 13 students per room.

There have been many advances in school modular buildings. However, most students wouldn’t be able to tell the inside of a modular from a traditional classroom.

Modulars fit most space needs and follow all safety regulations. Additional technology is available for science or computer classrooms.

Worshippers Find Comfort Inside Modular Churches

The hardest sacrifice for many people during quarantine has been missing church services. Like local restaurants or stores, churches aren’t open to the public.

Some churches have started offering virtual services. But worshippers are eager to get back to in-person.

One solution for them is a modular church. In fact, larger buildings can serve as a safe gathering space for all worshippers.

Having an extra building can help churches institute social distancing guidelines. It also offers the opportunity for more small group events.

A church’s technology needs aren’t as complex as those of a temporary hospital. But modular churches have wiring for all AV needs and data connectivity.

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