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Modular School: 5 Reasons This Will Be the Future of Education

There are over 76 million children enrolled in schools in the US, which is about a quarter of the total population.

While it’s great to see a rise in enrollment numbers, the constant influx of new students can put a strain on schools that have limited space and limited staff.

One way to resolve this issue is by introducing a modular school into each community, creating more classrooms for teachers to lead, and more space for children to learn.

Read on for 5 reasons that modular schools make the most sense for our students and teachers moving forward.

1. Construction Speed

Building a new traditional school from the ground up can take years. Even agreeing upon a design can stall the process from the beginning. Modular schools are built much more efficiently.

All modules are constructed off-site in an indoor environment before being brought, fully prepared, to their final destination. That means that while the modules, themselves, are under construction, the school district can begin the process of clearing the land and laying the foundation. Traditional construction does not allow for these steps to happen at the same time.

2. Flexible Usage

Your school district is constantly evolving and your schools should be able to evolve along with it. The modular school is the most flexible learning facility you can find.

Because each room is its own module, it’s always easy to change the shape and layout of your building. You can also add new classrooms as needed without turning the whole school into a construction site, making it safer for students and staff.

3. Lack of Disruption

When it comes to the lack of disruption in modular school construction, we mean two things. Adding new classrooms is not disruptive to the learning environment because all assembly happens off-site. There are also far fewer disruptions for the construction crew, as indoor construction allows them to build without worrying about changes in weather.

4. Double Insulation

Because each room is its own module, assembling them to build a fluid school creates the effect of double insulation. Why? Because the classroom has its own four walls, as does the bathroom, as does the cafeteria, and so on.

Having this double insulation means that your school is more energy efficient. Your heating and cooling have far less of a chance of seeping outside, which means that your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to control your school’s temperature.

Plus, that double insulation really cuts down on noise levels, too. This makes it easier to hold the attention of students in each classroom.

5. Minimal Waste

Modular buildings are considered more eco-friendly than traditional construction. Fully enclosed construction sites use materials efficiently without losing anything to weather or theft. Plus, modules are designed to be deconstructed and rebuilt, rather than demolished.

Look Into a Modular School for Your Community

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