Exploring 3 Major Benefits Of Portable Churches For Sale

Exploring 3 Major Benefits Of Portable Churches For Sale

calendar icon October 19, 2017

When it comes to portable buildings, many people think they’re only for residential homes. However, the portable building industry has made significant groundwork in developing buildings that are suitable for a wide variety of commercial uses. For example, church buildings for sale are growing in popularity due to their convenience and affordability. Here are just a few major benefits of portable churches for sale.

Benefits of Portable Churches For Sale:

  • More Resources For The Ministry

It may not seem like it, but maintaining a church is a huge financial responsibility. In fact, buildings comprise the second largest area of expense for churches. A permanent building comes with an array of ongoing and hidden costs. There’s maintenance, repairs, cleaning, electricity, Internet, phone and security services. Together, these costs can comprise between 30% to 40% of a church’s budget. By opting for a portable church, you’ll be able to reallocate those maintenance costs to more meaningful purposes. The ministry may be able to hire new personnel, take on special projects, and gain new resources that they may not have otherwise had the ability to access.

  • Enhanced Versatility

Portable church construction allows for the personalization of infrastructure that best accommodates your church’s needs. This allows the church to be versatile for more events and occasions than you ever thought possible.

“In mobile churches, you have a chance to change things up quite a bit if you need to. You can move your stage around, move your chairs into different configurations, set up classes the way you need to or want to, and experiment with different approaches to space-usage,” explains ThinkTheology.

Compare this versatility to traditionally constructed churches, and there’s almost no comparison.

  • More Space For Volunteers

It’s no secret that one of the major driving forces behind churches lies within volunteering activities. Portable churches tend to have higher volunteer rates because of their mobile quality that maximizes convenience. The calming and cozy environment that a portable church provides is absolutely perfect for getting things done while working together with others who are just as passionate.

Ultimately, there are 156 million unchurched people in the U.S. Understanding these benefits of church buildings for sale is the best way to determine whether or not they may be suitable for your needs.

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