Education Expansion: The Benefits of Portable Classrooms

Education Expansion: The Benefits of Portable Classrooms

calendar icon September 23, 2019

Did you know that the number of kids in one classroom can affect each child’s ability to focus and learn? Studies have shown that kids who are placed in a learning environment with 15 or fewer students perform well. Kids with 20 or more other students, meanwhile, are more likely to struggle.

Yet, most states struggle to combat overcrowding in the classroom. Average class sizes in many states are well above 20. Florida passed legislation in 2002 limiting the number of students per classroom in core classes. Still, overcrowding is an issue.

Oftentimes, overcrowding is simply the result of not having enough space to accommodate the growing student body. More than likely, this is a budget issue.

We’re going to talk about a few of the ways portable classrooms, or modular classrooms, can benefit schools, teachers, and students.

Portable Classrooms Create More Space Without Major Renovations

Portable classrooms are quick and easy solutions for schools who need more space but don’t have the time or budget for major renovations.

As the population grows and people move from city to city, the expansion of a student body from one school year to the next can be unpredictable. The school’s administration may not have enough time to schedule and execute a remodel over the summer. Portables are typically pre-assembled and simply need to be delivered and installed on the school’s grounds.

Portable Classrooms Keep School Running, Even When Campus is Under Construction

Depending on the extent of a school’s renovation, it may not be possible to get it all done over the summer even when plans are made in advance.

It can be inconvenient and stressful to relocate kids to an unfamiliar school during a major renovation. Plus, in the event of a temporary relocation, many teachers will be out of work until the renovation is complete and students can come back.

Portable classrooms allow students to continue to learn on their own turf, even when half of that turf is under construction. And, they allow teachers to do what they do best: teach the minds of tomorrow!

Portable Classrooms Allow Schools to Save on Construction Costs

Many schools have to make do with a low budget. Spending a ton of it on construction means that less money is going towards other programs. Oftentimes, the design of these are to enrich their students’ educations.

Portable classroom costs can be substantially lower than construction costs, while effectively getting the same job. For even more savings, schools can opt to order used portable classrooms. Money saved on construction can mean better art classes, updated lab equipment, a higher field trip budget, and more. These are all things that will improve the educational experiences of the students!

Thinking That Portable Classrooms Might Be the Solution Your School Needs?

If you’re a Florida educator and you think your school would benefit from portable classrooms, don’t hesitate!

Request a free site visit and we’ll come to your campus and give you an analysis and quote, all within 24 hours! Your students and fellow faculty will thank you!

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