Considering a Church Expansion? Ask These Questions First

Considering a Church Expansion? Ask These Questions First

calendar icon October 16, 2018

If your church is in need of an expansion, you’re not alone. In fact, buildings comprise the second largest area of expense for churches. A permanent building comes with an array of ongoing and hidden costs. There’s maintenance, repairs, cleaning, electricity, Internet, phone and security services. Together, these costs can comprise between 30% to 40% of a church’s budget. That is why it is important to be prepared for church expansion.

That being said, a modular building can be built and delivered in as quickly as 12 weeks, depending on the needs of the project, making use modular buildings a viable option when it comes to quick and efficient church expansion. But before you invest in any type of expansion for your church, it’s important to ask yourself these essential questions first:

Church Expansion Questions to Consider:

Are you making the most of the space you currently have available?

Before you spend more funds on an investment like a modular building expansion for your church, make sure you’re making the very most of the space you currently have available to you. It helps to take a slow walk through of the building and try to take note of possible areas where space could be used more efficiently. Of course, it’s not always easy to rearrange the setup of your church properly, and a modular building is often the most efficient solution for spacing problems.

Do you have clear goals for the expansion?

Again, it’s important to have specific and actionable goals in mind before you invest in a modular building expansion. Are you trying to attract more members to your church? Are you trying to create more space for activities? Having this specific objective in mind can help you carry out your plans more accurately.

What’s your expansion deadline or timeframe?

Finally, it’s critical to make sure that the timeframe of your project is in line with your goals. Again, a modular building is one of the most efficient options due to setup speed, cost, and sustainability. So, if you have a particularly tight deadline, a used modular building may be the right option for you.

Ultimately, about 51% of Americans say they go to church or another worship service between once a month and multiple times per week. While used modular buildings for sale in Florida are economically efficient options, you should have an understanding of your goals. For more information about church buildings for sale, contact ABS.

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