A Complete Guide to Buying Modular Office Buildings

A Complete Guide to Buying Modular Office Buildings

calendar icon October 7, 2019

Although modular buildings seem super-modern, they’re actually far older than you might think. The first recorded modular building advertisement actually dates back to 1837!

But in spite of their lengthy history, modular buildings are still important today. Modular office buildings, for example, can help a company expand even on a small budget.

Not sure how to go about buying a modular building for your business? This complete guide will teach you what you need to know — here are the answers to the most common questions about modular office buildings.

What Kind of Foundation Will You Need?

Modular office buildings can either use an above-ground foundation, or one that lets them sit directly on the ground.

If you opt for the inset foundation, you’ll need to make sure the soil conditions will allow for it. But if they don’t, you can still use the above-ground foundation design. Just make sure that you also plan to install the necessary steps and ramps for the raised building.

How Long Does It Take to Build Modular Office Buildings?

The timeline for the project can vary some depending on what you need. However, modular office buildings generally take a month or two to complete in the factory.

Once you have the completed building, they can go up in as little as a week — sometimes even less. But the site and design type will affect how quickly this work can be done.

Can You Put a Modular Building Anywhere?

Before you buy modular office buildings, it’s wise to make sure the site will support what you want.

You’ll need to make sure the slope of the ground can support a building there. You should also ensure that utilities like water can easily be accessed from that site.

Choosing the proper site will save you lots of time and money when it’s time to install your buildings.

What Are the Modular Building Costs?

Modular office buildings can range in price, but they do cost far less than most other types of buildings.

The materials, size, location, shipping, and many other factors will affect the cost. But the good news about prefab office building prices is that there aren’t many surprises. You can get a good idea of the cost ahead of time, and stick with the same budget until the project is done.

Where Should You Buy Modular Commercial Buildings?

You can save lots of trouble by choosing the right supplier for your modular office buildings.

Check suppliers’ reviews and reputations online, so you can see who does right by their customers. Weigh other factors like cost and design to make your final choice. With a great supplier, you’ll have minimal issues from start to finish.

Are Modular Office Buildings Right for You?

This is the most important question of all — and it’s also the easiest to answer.

If you’re on a budget and need more space fast, modular office buildings are the best choice. These flexible, modern space solutions can help businesses of all types grow.

Wondering where to put your office when the expansion is complete? Check out these benefits of setting up your office in your new modular space.

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