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Temporary Offices for Construction Sites Are Made Easy with Modular Buildings

Find out how modular buildings may be the solution to meet your construction site’s temporary office needs.

The typical large construction site requires a temporary office, and modular buildings are becoming a popular solution for this type of functional structure. Whether you want to build a new modular building to use again or again for your temporary office at various construction sites, or would rather lease for a shorter period of time or even lease to own, Alternative Building Solutions, Inc. has what you need.

For rental purposes, you can choose from our large selection of prefabricated portable construction offices. We will bring the office to your construction site on the exact date you need it. At ABS, we are always on time and each of our modular buildings—whether for lease or for purchase—comes with our customer service that is second to none.

1. Fast Turnaround Time

ABS modular buildings are typically 70% to 90% complete prior to arriving on your construction site. This means you will be up and running very quickly and will deal with fewer site disruptions and weather delays. Because the on-site work and modular building construction are happening at the same time, your business will save both time & money.

If you choose to lease a temporary office, the turnaround time is even faster. We can have your construction site office ready to go within days.

2. Financing Made Easy

When it comes to modular building construction and leasing, financing can be a difficult thing to achieve. Banks are often unwilling to provide the necessary loan options. However, ABS has a network of loan companies that specialize in modular buildings, so you can get the financing you need to move forward with your project.

Depending on your interior and exterior finishes and size of your prefabricated building, you can expect your project to be completed in as little as 2-3 weeks once we arrive on your site.

3. Flexible Options

Do you want to move your temporary office from site to site, or will it be on the same construction site for several months? Do you wish to build a temporary office with a custom floor plan and design, or simply need to rent a basic building to be on site as quickly as possible? Whatever the situation is, ABS has the affordable modular building solution.

Click or call (813) 855-0646 to contact the ABS team today to get more information from the experts about how modular buildings can make great temporary offices for your next construction site. One call to us and we will provide a complimentary site visit, professional analysis and free quote within 48 hours.

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