Modular Sales Office Buildings

Sales Office

(Customized, long term, larger square footage – 2000sqft or more)

Choose Modular Building Construction for Your Car Dealership Sales Office

Modular building services from ABS provides an affordable and easy way to get your car dealership sales office up and running.

It really doesn’t matter if you own a new or used car dealership, having a functional and attractive sales office is important to your success. Take advantage of modular building construction services from Alternative Building Solutions, Inc. to erect the kind of office that will help you pull in those car buyers without draining your finances.

Our ABS modular buildings fit the bill whether you are going through office renovations and need a temporary sales office, or you are starting a new car dealership business or expanding into a new area and need your sales office ready to rock as quickly as possible. We understand you need to stay competitive in your local Florida car sales market, and our solutions make it easier than ever to get a professional physical presence in your area with a beautiful, modern sales office.

Custom Floor Plans and Flexible Designs for Your Car Dealership Sales Office

At ABS, we can bring your sales office vision to life. Thanks to our custom floor plans and flexible modular design, your options are limitless. We are proud to offer a wide range of interior and exterior designs to give your car dealership sales office the look and feel of a traditional building. Keep it basic, or bling it out—whatever you need, we can make it happen for your dealership.

Our streamlined modular building system makes it possible to have your sales office ready for business in about half the time it would take if you were going with traditional construction. What’s more, when you choose ABS for your sales office project, you will be taking advantage of the latest modular building technology to get a beautiful and functional building for a fraction of the cost of a traditional sales office.

Half the time and a fraction of the cost! As if that’s not enough, you get to experience our attentive customer service that leaves you confident in the entire process from start to finish. We are sure you will be our next 100% satisfied customer.

Get Started on Your New Modular Sales Office or Car Dealership Today

Our local team at ABS is standing by to provide a complimentary site visit, professional analysis and free quote within 48 hours from your first contact. See for yourself the wide range of modular building styles and models available to meet your car dealership sales office needs.

Click or call (813) 855-0646 to contact the ABS team today to get more information from the experts about how modular buildings can make great temporary offices for your next construction site. One call to us and we will provide a complimentary site visit, professional analysis and free quote within 48 hours.

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