Modular Medical Buildings

Alternative Building Solutions offers a variety of Modular Medical Office Buildings & Modular Healthcare Buildings to meet the growing demands of the healthcare industry.

We offer custom modular healthcare buildings such as doctor’s offices, hospital administration and support buildings, rural medical clinics, outpatient treatment buildings, urgent care centers, nursing homes, wellness facilities and diagnostic buildings.

Modular medical buildings and facilities can be used to create new complete medical buildings or added to existing structures. We even offer re-locatable modular medical office buildings that can provide additional space quickly with minimal site preparation. Permanent modular healthcare buildings are designed to be indistinguishable from conventional construction while providing a seamless transition from any existing structures already onsite.

More unique medical facilities such as procedure rooms, diagnostic area and dialysis centers can also be built using Alternative Building Solutions modular medical facilities. There are a number of custom finishes to meet our client’s unique requirements such as durable, easy-to-clean wall and floor coverings. Combined with the ability to give modular healthcare facilities the look and feel of a site built structure, modular buildings are the most economical and fastest solution to your unique needs.

The Alternative Building Solutions modular construction process reduces construction time as the site is prepared simultaneously with the construction of the modular healthcare building. The reduced construction time allows modular medical office buildings and facilities to begin operation sooner. With minimal site disruption because of the unique way modular buildings are constructed, your current operations can continue to function without disrupting your daily routine. Modular healthcare buildings range from doctor’s offices, hospital administration and support buildings, rural medical clinics, outpatient service buildings, urgent care centers, wellness facilities, nursing homes and many others.

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Alternative Building Solutions has many existing modular medical office building floor plans for you to choose from. Contact us for a free site visit and quote for your modular healthcare buildings.

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