Choosing Alternative Business Solutions for Modular Classrooms Got Easier with Schoolwallet

Choosing Alternative Business Solutions for Modular Classrooms Got Easier with Schoolwallet

calendar icon November 9, 2022

Choosing a modular building for your classroom needs offers the distinct advantages of saving time (getting your building sooner) and money (over traditional construction). Now, choosing Alternative Business Solutions (ABS) for your portable classroom needs has become even more appealing. As an approved vendor for Lease Classroom Space for nonpublic schools in Florida via Schoolwallet, a virtual wallet, schools can easily purchase goods and services – including modular classrooms – via the Schoolwallet platform, which pays the vendor (ABS) directly via ACH.

It’s About Ease and Convenience

Primarily used for Emergency Assistance for Nonpublic Schools (EANS), Schoolwallet is the platform of choice for educational agencies that helps manage federal funding and expense tracking for participating nonpublic schools. Its main features are the ease of submitting documents for users (nonpublic schools) and initiating direct payments to vendors and service providers for administrators. For example, vendors like ABS send their invoices to the nonpublic school, which then uploads them to Schoolwallet for review and payment.


Alternative Business Solutions is a leader in commercial modular buildings with 25 years of experience managing projects from start to finish. This includes permanent, temporary, portable, and re-locatable classroom buildings available in various configurations. We have designed hundreds of new modular classrooms and have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right one for your needs. We can also design a floor plan for your specific requirements and can include specialty classroom rooms such as:

• modular libraries

• modular administration buildings

• modular multipurpose rooms

• modular restroom buildings

• modular science labs

• modular kindergarten classrooms

• modular daycare facilities

Our experience runs the gamut from portable classrooms to complete campuses. When demand is high and time is of the essence, there is also a need for prefabricated buildings, resulting in faster production and less disruption on site while maintaining quality and architectural design.

If you are a school administrator needing additional classroom space, consider the efficient and effective solutions of modular classrooms by Alternative Business Solutions. From concept to completion and as a Lease Classroom Space vendor with Schoolwallet, It could be one of the easiest decisions you’ll make.

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