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Kalmar, Sweden - March 17, 2016: Blue, Stackable Modular Work Sheds Or Offices At A Construction Site. Fence And Road In Foreground.

Why You Should Choose Modular for Your Next Addition: 10 Benefits

Did you know modular is one of the fastest and most affordable ways for adding to a building? In fact, modular can work for your school buildings additions, church additions, daycare, medical and more. Opportunities for change and expansion will always come, so stay prepared by considering modular. Here’s why you should choose modular.

10 Reasons to Choose Modular: 

  1. 40% Faster Construction Time

Firstly, traditional construction can take years to be completed but modular, on the other hand, can be completed 40% faster. This is because the construction of each modular building happens off-site in a factory warehouse by trained professionals.

  1. Factory Setting Allows for Precise Construction

Secondly, since modular building construction occurs in this factory setting, it allows for precise construction, resourcefulness and quality control. Our team here at ABS10 have quality-trained modular professionals who prioritize finding quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

  1. Less Waste and Fewer Disturbances

The factory controlled process of modular construction comes with many benefits besides just less waste and fewer disturbances. In addition, pre-fabricated  buildings allow you to be more environmental and financial conscious.

  1. Structurally Sound

Each modular building is structurally sound, meaning the building materials will not decay, deteriorate or damage in the storage phase. Many external factors can happen with traditional construction, so mitigate the risks by considering modular.

  1. Safe and Secure Materials for Construction

Our building process is simple: materials are delivered to the factory location, then are stored for safely and securely until we begin construction. This allows for our materials to maintain their quality be avoiding moisture and other environmental elements traditional construction might struggle with.

  1. Allows for Relocation

One of the most efficient things about modular is the relocation factor. Completed your traditional construction for your school and need to move your modular somewhere else? No problem. Want to add modular to the other side of your hospital? No problem. Need to extend the conference room for your office in the other city? Modular can be moveable.

  1. No Weather Delays

Referring to my previous point, the majority of modular construction happens inside a factory. In fact, it’s close to 60 – 90 % to be exact. Forget the rainy day delays with traditional construction by choosing modular. This allows for modular building occupancy to happen sooner, creating a faster ROI for you and your team.

  1. Meet / Exceed Building Codes

Modular buildings are built to meet or exceed the same building codes and architectural specifications as traditional construction. It essentially follows the same guidelines as traditional construction, but it can happen faster and more convenient for your business.

  1. Wide Range of Options

Did you know modular buildings can come in all different shapes, styles and sizes? You can even have a two-story modular building addition. For example, square footage can range from 480 to 11,088. Also, we give you the option to create your own floor plan.

  1. Made for Existing Buildings

Lastly, one of modular building’s main goals is to add to an already existing building or office. For instance, they are designed to coordinate with the external aesthesis of any building or modular unit.

Choose Modular

These 10 benefits of modular buildings are just the start of the many advantages a new addition can give your team. Above all, ABS10 can assist you with your modular goals, finding the perfect floor plan for you, and completing construction in a timely and affordable manner.

Which benefit do you find most helpful? Let us know in the comments.

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