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The Ultimate Guide to Portable Classrooms

calendar icon September 30, 2022

Overcrowded classrooms and inadequate workspaces are not only a health and safety issue, but children’s learning is also impacted. Over 60% of eighth-grade classrooms are overcrowded, and over half of teachers report a lack of space. So, what is the solution? Are you looking to expand your school but have limited school building options? Portable classrooms could be […]

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The Complete Guide to Buying Modular Buildings for Churches

calendar icon September 15, 2022

According to an article by Church Law & Tax, the average church budget in their 2014 national survey was $937,400, while the median budget was $654,600. With personnel being the largest expense, facilities came in second at 7 percent (mortgage or rent), and 5 percent on maintenance, cleaning, and landscaping. Even on the high end of that […]

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Modular Buildings for Medical Offices

calendar icon August 15, 2022

Modular buildings are an excellent solution for a number of medical offices. Depending on the space required, these buildings can be customized to meet any requirements. Medical offices can even lease or rent these temporary buildings to meet their needs. Modular construction can save 20% or more on construction costs. In addition to this, prefabricated […]

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3 Reasons Why a Modular Building Is a Good Fit for Schools

calendar icon July 30, 2022

Should you use modular buildings for your school? Absolutely! No matter what types of buildings you need, school portables are the perfect choice. You can use them as offices, classrooms, study halls, faculty lounges, and more. Plus, installing portable buildings takes less than a month. And besides being more convenient than permanent buildings, they’re more affordable, too. But […]

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Are Modular Classrooms Right For Your School?

calendar icon July 30, 2022

There are many advantages to modular classrooms. They’re versatile, energy efficient, and inexpensive. And if your budget is tight, they can be installed very quickly. But if you’re not sure whether modular classrooms are right for your school, here are some tips to help you make the decision. And remember to ask your building company […]

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Advantages of Modular Buildings for Construction Sites

calendar icon July 15, 2022

There are several advantages of modular buildings for construction sites. You can reduce the amount of time spent on-site, decrease the cost, and reduce the risks of errors. In addition, modular buildings provide an air-quality benefit. There are a number of reasons why you should consider modular construction for your next project. Read on for […]

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Modular Buildings For Churches: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

calendar icon June 30, 2022

As you know, recent supply chain problems have affected new construction in every industry. Now, even churches are choosing building alternatives, like modular buildings, over permanent structures. That said, modular buildings for churches should not be seen as a “last resort.” For many reasons, they’re actually an excellent choice for every church. And we’re going to prove it to you in […]

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Portable Classrooms: How to Easily Meet Demand for More Space

calendar icon June 15, 2022

If you’re new to the concept of modular classrooms, you may be slightly skeptical, but there’s really no need. For saving time and money and still getting a high-quality building fit for purpose, portable classrooms are a no-brainer. The Benefits of Portable Classrooms It’s no secret that the traditional construction industry in Florida is prone […]

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School Portables: What Are the Benefits of Using a Modular Classroom?

calendar icon May 31, 2022

Do you want to add one of the most convenient pieces of technology to your classroom? More than one-third of public schools have portable buildings. There is no doubt that modular construction allows schools to meet the need for additional capacity in a way that is both faster and more affordable than a traditional building. The modular classroom has […]

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3 Reasons Modular Buildings Can Benefit Medical Offices

calendar icon May 16, 2022

When you’re building a medical office there are many thoughts to consider. Thoughts like what’s the perfect location? How will I attract new patients? But none of these things will matter if the office you create isn’t fit for purpose. What you really need to consider is your office’s design. Modular buildings might not appear at […]

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