Benefits of Modular Construction: 4 Great Innovative Building Approaches

Benefits of Modular Construction: 4 Great Innovative Building Approaches

calendar icon March 7, 2019

Modular construction is a process when construction of a building happens off-site under controlled conditions. Modular construction utilizes the same materials (for the most part), designs to the same codes and standards of conventionally built structures. For commercial construction purposes, there are plenty of benefits of modular construction. Here are some of the main advantages of modular construction:

4 Benefits of Modular Construction

1. Improved efficiency

Modular construction decreases overall design and construction time by as much as 50%. With modular building, there is no need to worry about weather delays because the construction process can be simply be indoors. Additionally, because of the fewer amount of change orders, earlier occupancy, and improved cash flow, the entire consecution process becomes much more efficient with a modular design.

2. Environmentally friendly

Though modular structures use a lot of the same materials and traditional buildings, they are also built with plenty of eco-friendly building materials. For instance, the modular building market leads with the use of recycled materials. The off-site construction process leads to far less waste, as well.

3. Custom design

Thanks to the customization with modular construction, original, great looking designs can easily be achieved. For example, one of the main advantages of this construction process is its attractive design. Whether the construction process is for an addition to a school, business, or any kind of structure, it’ll end up looking great.

4. Durability

It’s not like modular construction is only great for temporary structures. This process involves eco-friendly and durable building materials, ensuring that each wall, compartment, and building is secure and long-lasting. Additionally, the materials used for internal walls offer great fire resistance.

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