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The Basics of Off-site Construction

To those unfamiliar with the industry, ‘off-site modular construction’ might sound like something from a science fiction movie. But it is very much a popular trend right now! In fact, the market share for off-site construction is predicted to grow by billions between now and 2026.

Keep reading to learn the basics of this efficient construction technique!

What Is Off-Site Construction?

Off-site construction is a type of construction in which a lot of the planning, design, and actual construction of a building happens away from the site of the building. The work happens largely “off-site” in a factory.

Modular just means that the individual construction units can be mass-produced and then fit together later as a large structure. They fit together in a standard way to form the basic building, and then later individual touches can be an addition.

Even though this type of construction uses standardized pieces, there are plenty of examples of great creativity around the world using off-site construction.

There are two primary types of modular off-site construction.

Temporary Module

These buildings are for filling a temporary need. Plus, they can be somewhat easily moved from one location to another intact. Some examples include school portables, job-site trailers, or temporary offices for festivals or outdoor events. You can buy them outright, or sometimes lease them.

Permanent Modular Construction

This type of off-site construction looks more like traditional construction projects. The key difference is the building was not all made on-site.

Instead, large sections of the building are constructed in a factory, along with lots of other similar sections or parts of buildings. Some common types of buildings made in this way include apartment complexes, government buildings, hotels, and schools.

What Are the Advantages?

While it might not be the right type of construction for every single project, there are many advantages of off-site construction.


Since much of the work happens inside a factory, it is much more efficient. You don’t have to worry about bad weather slowing construction. The same people are making the same modules all day, so they know what they are doing and do it quickly and skillfully.


Did you know that worker injuries happen less when using off-site construction methods? Again, the environment is inside, it’s predictable, and there is less risk of falling from a high place.

Less Expensive

The same reasons the process is efficient and safe mean that it is also less expensive. Quicker, safer work leads to greater profits for the company without passing along the cost to you! Also, since many modules are made at once, the cost goes down.

It’s basically like bulk pricing you see anywhere. The more of one item, the less cost per unit.

More Eco-Friendly

The more efficient process means that it is more environmentally friendly. It produces less waste and emissions than traditional construction.

Build Away

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