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Advice from the Construction Pros: Efficiency is King

Do you need a new building in a hurry?

Sometimes, traditional construction takes too long. Does your school, business, or church need more room—fast?

If so, take the advice from our construction pros, who think efficiency is king.

With the many advantages of modular construction, you no longer need to wait months for a new building.

If you need to build quickly, read on to learn how you can benefit from the efficiency of modular construction.

What is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is an innovative way of building in which modules are built in a factory, then shipped to their location where they can be combined with other modules to increase in size.

It makes building quick and easy and is useful for both residential and commercial builds.

What Is Modular Construction For?

According to the building pros, modular construction is a great way to increase efficiency. Because the building modules are already made, installation is fast and easy.

If you need a new structure in a hurry, modular construction is the way to go. It’s also useful in sustainable building design, as the modules can be movable and reusable in other locations.

Here are some of the best examples of modular design.

Portable Classrooms

If a school has a temporary influx of new students, there’s no time or budget to build an additional wing of the school.

In this case, you may need school portables. You can add or subtract modules as you need. They can meet the fluctuating class sizes and can be custom to suit the needs of your school.


Church construction can greatly benefit from modular design. Does your church need new fellowship halls, offices, or Sunday School rooms?

Thanks to the cost-effectiveness of modular design, you can expand the size of your fellowship for a much more affordable price than traditional construction.

Your congregation is sure to appreciate both the cost-savings of modular design, plus all of the additional space.

Sales Offices

Modular design is often used in construction or on building sites. When a new home development is being built, you’ll need a temporary office for sales, contractors, and real estate agents.

There’s no need to build a permanent structure since it will only be needed for a finite amount of time, so why not bring in a modular structure?

You can design the perfect sized office space and keep all of your staff warm and indoors, out of the elements.

Why Do the Construction Pros Think Efficiency Matters?

Efficiency is king for construction jobs that need to be done quickly. Traditional construction projects can take weeks, or even months, while modules can be installed very quickly.

A building, such as a residential home, can take 4-12 months to complete, so avoid the long wait with a module instead.

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Take the word of the construction pros and see how efficiency can improve your business. Above all, we look forward to hearing from you and working together to create your ideal modular building.

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