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7 Amazing Classroom Layout Ideas for Portable Classrooms

The ideal classroom size should be about 20 students to allow for collaboration and individual attention from the teacher. Many states in the U.S. have an average of 25 students, with some even nearing 30 to 35 per classroom.

Larger class sizes lead to overcrowding in schools, which is where portables come in. Portable classrooms help accommodate larger numbers of students by giving teachers more space.

Portable classrooms are usually more cramped than a standard classroom, so it takes creativity to develop classroom layouts for learning.

Learn how you can use seven of the best classroom layout ideas to maximize your space.

1. Lecture/Lined Seating

A lecture-style classroom is one of the most classic classroom seating arrangements. This style places desks in rows that face the teacher or lecturer. You may choose to create space between each desk or push them together.

This style helps limit cheating and distractions, but it may not be the best for collaboration in small spaces.

2. Clustered Seating

Clustered seating arrangements place students in groups. This is an ideal classroom layout for collaboration. You can choose to group desks of four students or greater. This layout also works great for a portable classroom since it helps create more walking space.

3. U-Shape Layout

A U-shape classroom layout is ideal for classes that require many presentations. In the U-shape, the teacher stays upfront and the students are lined up along the edges of the classroom, creating an open space in the middle.

4. Circle Layout

The circle classroom layout brings desks side by side to create a circle layout in the middle of the room. The teacher can either sit outside the circle or join using one of the desks.

This is the best classroom layout for small classes and discussion groups. It encourages students to share their ideas and feel recognized.

5. Conference Table

You can create a conference table layout by pushing all desks together into a larger table in the middle of the room.

The conference table can help students gain real-world experience for what it will be like collaborating in many office jobs. Collaborative learning has been known to help increase student motivation and retention.

6. Double Rows

To create double rows, line your desks on parallel sides of the room so they face each other. With this layout, the teacher can stay in the front or walk through the middle of the desks. In this layout, you’ll have optimal space for presentations and debates.

7. Alternating Seating Chart

An additional way to change the layout in your classroom is to alternate the seating chart. This can help students avoid socializing and learn to collaborate with new peers.

Try alphabetizing your seating chart, alternating boys and girls, or even randomizing the seating every few weeks.

Choosing From Classroom Layout Ideas

Choosing from classroom layout ideas requires you to think about your students’ needs, your teaching style and the amount of space you have.

You’ll be working with limited space in a portable classroom. The layout you choose should help facilitate collaboration while limiting as many distractions as possible.

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