5 Things to Know About a Used Portable Classroom

5 Things to Know About a Used Portable Classroom

calendar icon February 4, 2020

more than 31% of public schools in the U.S. have portable classrooms. School districts across the country have added portable buildings to address growing enrollment. Portable classrooms are an affordable, quick, and easy way to make room for more students.

If you’re an educator, you might wonder how these classrooms might impact your job as a teacher.

The good news is, a temporary classroom is a lot like a traditional classroom, with a few key benefits. Read on to learn what you can expect from a used portable classroom.

1. They Function the Same as a Traditional Classroom

The first thing you should know about portables is that the inside feels very similar to a traditional building. You’d never know that you were in a temporary building.

And just like any other classroom, you can get creative with the setup and decorations in a portable. Try different desk configurations and hang up encouraging posters and artwork to interest your students.

With the right techniques, you can make any classroom space feel more welcoming and efficient, whether it’s portable or a permanent building.

2. They’re Great for Specialty Classrooms

As school enrollment grows and resources are stretched thin, specialty classes like art and music are often the first to get cut. But research suggests that art helps build critical thinking skills. That’s why it’s important to keep art and music classes as well as hands-on science labs.

A temporary classroom is a great way to expand the learning opportunities for students without burdening the school budget too much.

3. You’ll Be Separated From the Main Building

Portable classrooms are often built away from the main building, which can be both a positive and a negative.

Since your classroom is free-standing, you won’t hear noise from neighboring classes. It will be easier for your students to focus if they’re not distracted by sounds from the hallway.

The downside is, the bathrooms and cafeteria might be far away from your classroom. You might need to plan more bathroom breaks for your class or take your students to lunch a bit sooner.

4. You’ll Have More Control Over Heating and Cooling

Many schools have a centralized thermostat, which means the temperatures in each classroom can vary. If it’s too hot or cold, you and your students might have trouble concentrating.

In a portable unit, you’ll have control over your own heating and cooling system.

5. You Can Renovate Used Portables

A flexible layout is one of the main benefits of used portable classrooms. If your school buys a portable that doesn’t quite meet your needs, know that the layout is flexible. Many building sellers also offer renovation services for used units.

You’ll be able to customize and adapt the classroom as your school’s needs change.

Consider a Used Portable Classroom for Your School

Lastly, if your district is dealing with growing student enrollment, used portable classrooms can be a smart solution. Not only are they affordable, but they also provide a great learning environment for your students.

Above all, to learn more about our options for classrooms other educational solutions, contact us today.

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