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5 Supplier Elements to Consider When Sourcing a Modular Building

Building a business worthy of requiring one warehouse, or more, of space is an achievement! Housing equipment, stock, or simply just more square feet of space to utilize within your business is a big deal. Continue reading about modular building supplier…

Where do you even begin?

What are some considerations you should be making when you source for your modular building for your business?

Here are five supplier elements to be thinking about when it comes to modular building construction for your warehouse needs.

Construction Timelines for a Modular Building

More and more modular homes have been built and shipped over the last five years, and there is a good reason for that. While there is a growing popularity of modular homes, there is also a growing popularity of modular business buildings.

The time frame to build a modular building is much shorter, as it is made in a warehouse of its own. This takes much of the weather aspect of construction out of the equation.

When a modular building is constructed, it is constructed in pieces indoors. The assembly, and outdoor build time, is shortened quite a bit, and won’t be as subject to stops and starts due to factors like rain. Tampa’s climate gets just enough rain that it is a threat to keeping traditional construction on schedule.

Get to Work Faster

Modular commercial buildings may cost less to construct due to their shortened construction timelines. The need for less manpower on site can help keep a business’ wallet a little fatter for later projects.

In many cases, modular buildings are 70% to 90% completed before they even reach their build sites. This means that working with the builder, the site will be prepped prior to the build arriving. It will all come together faster.

Safety of a Modular Building

Good construction is good construction, no matter how it arrives. When worried about building to withstand hurricanes, speak to the builder to ensure that their buildings are built to last. Modular commercial buildings are built with extreme weather conditions in mind.

Working with an experienced builder is key when shopping for modular build construction. These building types are meant to be just as solid as buildings built-on-site. The difference here is the expedited nature and the savings experienced when working with a modular concept.

Find a Builder With a Record

Find a builder of modular buildings that possess the experience of building many types of structures. This helps to make sure that the warehouse you envision will be the warehouse that is built.

Maybe the warehouse will need office space integrated, or maybe it will need to be solid enough to house equipment. Either way, no matter what the needs are, a builder who has experience with many types of builds can adapt layouts to your vision.

Contact a Builder

The best way to ensure that your modular building includes the many factors that you have in mind is to contact us. A phone call, and a site visit with assessment, will help us find the best solutions for your warehousing needs.

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