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5 Innovative Uses for Portable Buildings

What can you use portable buildings for? Honestly, you can use them for just about anything.

In fact, they’re more versatile than a permanent structure. They can perform almost all the functions of any permanent structure and many that they can’t.

Truth be told, there are more uses for portable buildings than we could ever list. So, instead, we’ve listed our 5 favorite uses for modular buildings in the guide below. Read on to see what you can do with a modular building.

1. Easily Expand Your Office

Sometimes, your business grows faster than you expect it to. You may need to expand beyond the size of your current office building.

If so, portable office buildings are the perfect solution. These give you the space you need now, without the need to scout locations or build a new building. 

They can even be your new, permanent building. Or, they can be a fast, temporary solution until you’re ready to move into a new location.

2. An Instant, Temporary Extension of Your Church

The same thing can happen to your church. It’s wonderful to see your church growing or offering new ministries. You don’t want to put a damper on this kind of expansion.

So, if you need more space now, get a modular building. Also, use it as a temporary solution during construction or remodeling.

3. Add a Daycare Center

Likewise, your retail business, school, or other organization may want to add a child care center. And yet, all your other functions are using up all the available space in your building or on your campus. So, you can offer child care or other new services from a modular building.

Also, perhaps you want to open up a daycare service yourself but you don’t want to run it from your home. A portable building gives you an official facility to use for this in order to keep your home and business separate.

4. Instant Patient Care/Shelter After a Disaster

We know all too well in 2020 how quickly a disaster or epidemic can fill all the available space in a hospital. Turning patients away in their time of need would be unthinkable. So, while it won’t solve any staffing/supply problems, portable buildings will give you all the space you need the moment you need it.

Similarly, in a single day, forest fires and other disasters can leave hundreds of citizens without a place to sleep. Even the hotels in the vicinity of a disaster will rapidly fill to capacity. But the city can quickly obtain and set up portable buildings as temporary shelters for these displaced families.

5. Storage Space

Lastly, anyone can obtain a portable building for personal storage. Why use public storage when you can have your own, private storage unit right on your own property?

Furthermore, it’s a lot more protective of your items than the concrete/metal boxes you get from public storage facilities. That’s because modular buildings are actually designed to be inhabited by people. Public storage units are not.

Thus, portable buildings are better insulated and more weatherproof. And they can be raised up, too, which will protect stored items better if there’s a flood.

What Will Portable Buildings Do For You?

Do you have any sort of space-related need at all? If so, portable buildings can help.

But they only will help if you get your hands on one. Contact us here to request a quote so you can get started.

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