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5 Creative Modular Church Building Designs

Starting a church, like any business, requires start-up funding. Unless there is an available church in your location, you’ll need to start from scratch. Keep reading for five modern church designs for a modular church building.

Some churches sub-lease space from larger churches. Other’s rent a storefront or utilize recreation centers that are usually closed on Sundays.

There is an alternative to traditional construction that provides a different option. If your church has secured land, you can construct a modular church building. This way, when your permanent edifice is constructed, you don’t have to relocate.

Are you a pastor looking for ideas to house a new church? Perhaps you have an existing church building and need to expand.

1. A Modular Church Building with Many Glass Windows

Firstly, churches are known for their beautiful stained glass windows. With a modular church building, you don’t have to forgo those added touches. You can have as many windows as your like.

With the unique options in design, you can make the stained glass a centerpiece in the design. Create a multi-layer roof design with a lighthouse effect.

The glass panes in the raised roof will add symmetry to the overall design.

2. Build a Little Country Church House

For a smaller congregation, a country church house theme is a great idea. It gives the feel of a traditional church but can also create a new stream of income.

The church is raised off the ground with wide stairs leading up to double wood doors. You can create a two-tier structure with a partial basement that serves as a banquet hall or meeting space.

People love creative locations for their weddings. Your church can get used for worship on Sundays and serve as a location for small weddings on Saturdays.

3. Create a Multi-functional Edifice

A lot of contemporary churches are going with modular building designs that have open spaces with hardwood floors. They create meeting rooms using moving panels and room dividers.

Instead of wooden pews, the sanctuary is set-up with comfortable chairs. This set up allows for a multi-functional setting that can take the building from church to conference to classrooms.

4. Incorporate Modern Siding

Regardless of the floor plan for your modular church building, you can do a lot with its exterior. A square building with stacked stones, wood, or fiber cement panels, will have a modern appeal.

5. Go with the Current Design Elements of The Community

If you’re not sure how to design a church, follow the landscape of the community. Whether it’s housing or commercial space, there are modern church designs that are classy and still in line with the theme and feel of the area you’re located.

You Don’t Need 120 Years to Build a Church Structure

It’s estimated that it took Noah over 100 years to build the Ark. Today, a modular church building only takes months.

Don’t delay starting a church because you don’t have funding to build. Above all, we can help you get a permanent or temporary structure to fit your needs.

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